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Hello I download maple2015 today but I dont know how can I work with it ?  how can I write math phrases?

Please help me soon!!!!

Maplesim 7.0(1) installer looks for Maple 18 installation.  Will Maplesim work with Maple 2015?

If not, what is the expected date of making both products compatible?



Hello everyone. I am trying to make a position time graph of a charged particle in an gravitational and electric field. This is just for an application of Maple to Lagrangian mechanics. I have set up my Lagrangian, did the Euler-Lagrange equation, and solved the differential equation. When I go to plot it, just the axes show up and I dont have a line. I have followed other examples of Lagrangian mechanics in Maple and its still not working. Here is the code for the odeplot:



Eq6 is the Euler-Lagrange equation for my system, initial is the initial values, and q(t) is the position of the particle.

Any suggestions will help.



I purchased the student edition today, and after install and activation, it says the product is only available in 20 days. If I click the activate button, I repeat the successful activation process, but after another restart of Maple, the prompt comes out again, Eventually I clicked on OK, and I found that the license for me really expires in 20 days. 

I think it could be that my proof for student is not processed yet (no email), or a problem.

I wonder if there is anyone else purchased the student edition and encounter the same situation, and what is following next.

As maple 18 does not, and I see no information about this topic for 2015 version, besides, I don't have a chance to try the software. So any help would be appreciated.

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See What’s New in Maple 2015 for Educators

Maple 2015 is a major new release of Maple, the technical computing software used for education, research, and development involving mathematics, engineering, and the sciences. With Maple 2015, Maplesoft offers important new abilities to both educators and researchers, particularly in the areas of data analysis, application development and statistics education. This webinar will provide a complete overview of these new features, including:

• A new interface to access, work with, and visualize millions of datasets in the areas of finance, economics, and demographics.
• New facilities for developing Math Apps, including a new microphone and speaker component.
• Advances in integration, differential equations, interactive maps, group theory, physics, and more.
• New Clickable Math tools, including palettes and 60 new interactive Math Apps.
• New tutors, palettes and Math Apps designed explicitly for teaching and learning statistics.
• And more!

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Math powers the world. From tracking the spread of an epidemic to designing a new rocket engine, mathematical equations allow us to understand a challenge and formulate an approach to solving it. Everywhere around us, math is ubiquitous; an equation determines how your thermostat controls your home furnace; a mathematical algorithm is used to encode the signal from your cell phone. More than ever, we rely on mathematics to make our lives better. And continually, our mathematical techniques get more refined as we solve more and more complex problems.

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