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Dear Community,

Would someone have a good and easy to understand/implement description of the Den Iseger algorithm for the numerical inversion of Laplace transform? Even better if someone would have a Maple script to do it, that would be superb.

Tx in advance,

best regards


I updated the OSX from El Capitan 10.11 to Sierra 10.12.

After then, whenever I try to input Japanese characters, Internal Error notification appears, and it crashes.
As it is not realistic to go back to the old OS, as the time when I did back up was a little before, I wouldn't do so.
Then, I might end up torelating not using Japanese until the next version of maple appears next year.
Are the situations like this ?

I know there might not be any response as this is about inputting Japanese characters.

Best wishes.


Is anyone running the 2016.1a patch on ubuntu 16.04?

A fresh installation starts up and works, but after I install the patch the installation seems broken:

cd /usr/local/maple2016/bin
/usr/local/maple2016/bin.X86_64_LINUX/mserver: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
maple: could not start mserver

it looks like my installation does not have I can see these however:

running xmaple has maple open, then stay unresponsive.

Here is the upgrade file, i've been trying to use:
md5sum ./
7502caaa65cc623d5d2574823eee9343  ./

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Hello everybody!

Please help me to solve the attached partial differential equation. I am getting an error. I do have its analytical solution and that works fine.

The error is as follows
Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/plot) unable to compute solution for t>HFloat(0.0):
solution becomes undefined, problem may be ill posed or method may be ill suited to solution

The worksheet is attached

Hi All,

When doing retart in a saved workbook get a no read access error link (see partial screen shot below). When the link is followed the message is there is no help for this error.

I am using Windows 10 64 bit and have full administrative prilvilages so I not sure what the problem is.

I have the same issue when I upload to the cloud.

In spite of message I can still do computations.

Any help in understanding this will be greatly appreciated.





Hi all,

I was wondering how to go about validating some airfoil designs for my Formula SAE team's CFD results.  I know this is more common with simplier calculations but I'm hoping using Maple and maybe the new algebraic manipulation of non-comunitive differential operators, I could achive what I am after.   The two calculations of interest are the drag force and downforce.  Can someone shed some light? Thanks

Hello people in mapleprimes,

I think that I found a bug.

Using the screen opened with command + f, I tried to find a v__1211 in the file I appended here.

But, when the cursor is trapped on an output part, which is a blue part, maple wouldn't continue to find the next

v__1211 anymore even if I clicked the Find Next on the screen.

If I move the cursol one line below with a hand, the Find Next butttons works again, but it is intricate.

Isn't there any good way to avoid this trouble other than not using double _, that is __.?

I hope you will give me some hint.


P.S. I clicked the above link and opened that file with maple. Then, the notification telling that this is read-only file and

you cannot save this file after some modification, appeared. I don't know whether there is any problem. 

Does appending a maple file on a post on this mapleprimes always done in such a way? i can extract Coefficients  (i.e. {f1[2],f2[2],f2[3],f3[2],.....f3[6]}) from every algebric equations and create matrix A ,in form AX=0, (X are f1[2],f2[2],f2[3],f3[2],.....f3[6] ) then the determinant of the matrix of coefficients (A) set to zero for obtaining unknown parameter omega.?

Note that  if m=3 then 6 equations is appeare and if m=4 then 9 equations is appeare.thus i need a procedure that works for every arbitary value of ''m''.

in attached file below m=4 thus we have 9 equations, i.e. 3 for eq1[k_] and 3 for eq2[k_] and so on...

also we should use boundary conditions for some amount of fi[j] (i=1,2,3 and j=2,3,...,7)

be extacting above Coefficients for example from first equation ,

''**:= (1/128)*f1[2]*omega^2-(1/4)*f2[2]-(1/2)*f2[3]+(1/4)*f2[4]+(1/4)*f3[2]-(1/2)*f3[3]+(1/4)*f3[4]+140*f1[2]-80*f1[3]+20*f1[4]'''

must compute

coeff(**, f1[2]); coeff(**, f2[2]) and so on...




 ############################Define some parameters


restart; Digits := 15; A1 := 10; A2 := 10; A3 := 10; A4 := 1; A5 := 1; A6 := 1; A7 := 1; A8 := 1; A9 := 1; A10 := 1; A11 := 1; B1 := 10; B2 := 10; B3 := 10; B4 := 1; B5 := 1; B6 := 1; B7 := 1; B8 := 1; B9 := 1; B10 := 1; B11 := 1; C1 := 10; C2 := 10; C3 := 10; C4 := 1; C5 := 1; C6 := 1; C7 := 1; C8 := 1; C9 := 1; C10 := 1; C11 := 1; C12 := 1; C13 := 1; C14 := 1; C15 := 1; C16 := 1; A12 := 1; B12 := 1; C18 := 1; C17 := 1; C19 := 1; n := 1; U := proc (x, theta) options operator, arrow; f1(x)*cos(n*theta) end proc; V := proc (x, theta) options operator, arrow; f2(x)*sin(n*theta) end proc; W := proc (x, theta) options operator, arrow; f3(x)*cos(n*theta) end proc; n := 1; m := 4; len := 1; h := len/m; nn := m+1
 ############################Define some equation

eq1[k_] := -2*f1[k]*(-A11*n^4+A10*n^2+A12*omega^2)*h^4+(A6*(f2[k-1]-f2[k+1])*n^3+A9*(f3[k-1]-f3[k+1])*n^2-A5*(f2[k-1]-f2[k+1])*n-A8*(f3[k-1]-f3[k+1]))*h^3+(4*(f1[k]-(1/2)*f1[k-1]-(1/2)*f1[k+1]))*(A3*n^2-A2)*h^2+(-A4*(f2[k-2]-2*f2[k-1]+2*f2[k+1]-f2[k+2])*n-A7*(f3[k-2]-2*f3[k-1]+2*f3[k+1]-f3[k+2]))*h+12*A1*(f1[k]+(1/6)*f1[k-2]-(2/3)*f1[k-1]-(2/3)*f1[k+1]+(1/6)*f1[k+2]):





                                     ######################################  APPLY BOUNDARY CONDITIONS

f1[nn+1] := f1[m]:

for k from 2 to m do eq1[k_]; eq2[k_]; eq3[k_] end do






In a Maple Primes reply by Joel Riel on Sept. 14, 2011 he included the following command referring to warnings issued from a dsolve, numeric command having events containing a halt action:

_Env_in_maplet := true:  # incantation to suppress integrator warnings

Where can if find explanatory help for his command and any others of a similar nature?

I was learning about Maple, but I do not understand this code below. This does not look correct.

When I type it on my worksheet, I get these errors



Sometimes I wonder if any one at Maplesoft actually looks at their own help web pages and try to use them, or is just the poor users who do that.


Is there a way to automatically convert and paste my clipboard contents as 2D math?

hi..when i use rule [for] in maple code i encounter error'''''

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) input system must be an ODE system, found {f1(x), f2(x), f3(x), ApproximateInt(-4*cos(theta)^2, theta = 0. .. 1, method = simpson), ApproximateInt(4*cos(theta)^2, theta = 0. .. 1, method = simpson), ApproximateInt(8*cos(theta)^2, theta = 0. .. 1, method = simpson)}''''''''

please help me for remove it

i want for different beta for example beta=0, 40 and 80 this lines will computed three times  

 ''with(Student[Calculus1]); a1 := ApproximateInt(g1*g1, theta = a .. 1, method = simpson); a2 := ApproximateInt(2*(g1*g1)+3*g1*(diff(g1, theta, theta)), theta = a .. 1, method = simpson).......................''          

 by {for i from 1 by 1 to 3 do } and final gain ''ITRA_1_W[m] := eval(fy33*g3, fixedparameter)'' that have 3 amount.

when i use  rule {for i from 1 by 1 to 3 do ...  }   integral not computed and showed for example:::

a1=ApproximateInt(4*cos(theta)^2, theta = 0. .. 1, method = simpson)!!!!!!!!


I read a posting by Mr. Stephen Forrest on Thingiverse about using the exportplot command to export a 3D plot as a .stl file. I have a 3D printer and need the convert the plot from the Maple file into an .stl file.

Here is the posting I am referencing:


I was able to follow the commands successfully in the referenced paper for a hyperboloid or revolution that I plotted in Maple - it was very helpful. However, I could not figure out how to access the temporary .stl file that was created so that I could open it using my 3D printer's software.

My question is: Once I execute the "exportplot(stl, hyprev)" command that I inputted, how can I find the file in the Temporary Directory in order to open it from the software I use for my 3D printer?

I would appreciate any further details you can provide for accessing the temporary .stl file I created in order to be able to print the object.

Thank you!

I use Maple on a Surface Pro 4 tablet and the math input panel does not work with Maple.  This would be a great feature to have.  Or does anybody know how to get it working?

Hello Dr/Prof?sir?madam

i have problem on running the ode bcs

there is cos n sine in ther ode

any idea to solve this ?

i have attched it

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


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