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Hello Dr/Prof?sir?madam

i have problem on running the ode bcs

there is cos n sine in ther ode

any idea to solve this ?

i have attched it

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .


Hello, I run Maple to solve Binary Integer Programming problem which contain about 1340 constraint and its goal to maximize the objective function.

At first, it's running for 2 hours and said that the iteration limit was reached. So I try to add 'iterationlimit' at LPSolve opts and set it to 10000, but after 3 or 4 hours it said that the iteration limit was reached. So I set 'iterationlimit' to 100000000 and now Maple keep evaluating more than 12 hours.

I run Maple at my notebook with these spesification:

Processor: Intel Corei3-5005U 2.0 GHz

Memory: 4GB RAM

Windows 10


It is normal? Or I must run Maple in higher notebook spesification?

Thank you in advance.


Below is my Maple file, hope you can help me.

I'm trying to call a C function which returns an array. The example on the help page is to pass in an array with known dimensions, which will be updated in the C function, but I wonder if this is the only way to do it. For example if I have an array of unknown dimensions beforehand, what is the best approach to return this array?


hi every one
please help me for this problem

This is a specific Maple 2016 question: I find that plots no longer remember their attributes (like size on the screen) upon re-execution of a worksheet, even though I have set the appropriate flag in the Interface pane of the preferences.

Can someone confirm this; or am I just being dense? Is this an OS X issue? An El Capitan issue?? Maple 2015 on Yosemite behaves as expected.

Maple 2016.1 on Mac OS X 10.11.5.



I attempted to show that two lines are parallel.  I started with a problem in Geometry for which I do not have the solution.

I tried several ways with Maple to show this to be true.  Most of the time, I ended when maple could not determine if a-b = c-d, etc.

brg_proof.txt contains a statement of the problem and my latest maple code.

Question: How should I approach the proof, by the compass and straight edge method?  Is this possible in maple?

Why won't this procedure Compile? All I get is a cryptic and ungrammatical error message.

    step:= proc(
          XYZ::Matrix(datatype= float[8]),
          E::Vector(datatype=integer[4]), F::Vector(datatype=integer[4]),
          W::Matrix(datatype= float[8]), #3x2 scratch matrix
     option autocompile;
          i::integer[4], j::integer[4],
          p::float[8], t::float[8]       
          to mu do
               for i to n do
                    ed:= 0;  fd:= 0;
                    for j to 3 do
                          p:= XYZ[i,j];
                          t:= XYZ[E[i],j] - p;
                          ed:= ed+t^2;
                          W[j,1]:= t;
                          t:= XYZ[F[i],j] - p;
                          fd:= fd+t^2;
                          W[j,2]:= t
                    ed:= sqrt(ed) + .01;  fd:= sqrt(fd) + .01;
                    for j to 3 do
                         XYZ[i,j]:= 0.995*XYZ[i,j] - 0.01*W[j,1]/ed + 0.02*W[j,2]/fd
     end proc;

Error, (in Compiler:-Compile1) In memory compilation failed

I would like the C-Text style in 14pt Times Roman while the C-2D-Math style is 12pt.

My use case is that I am typing in a single execution block.

I use Format >> Styles and select the style for C-Text and set it to 14pt Times. I click OK to close the dialog. Next I repeat this for the C-2D-Math style but this time set the font size to 12pt and, for testing, the colour to blue. The effect is to give me 14pt Times for both styles, though the C-text is black and the 2-D-Math is blue.

Can the effect I want be achieved, or is this a bug/feature?

This is Maple 2016.1 on Windows 10 64bit

 Thanks for any help

Hi all,

Using the Physics package, I have defined a density operator, shown in the image below:

Definition of Density Operator

(I did assume(s ≠i), assume(v≠h).

I then operate on it with the Bracket as shown in the next image:

Bracket on Density Operator


I think this should evaluate to (|Y,s,h><Y,s,h|)/2; or at least that's the result I want. However, Maple evaluates this to zero.

Is there a where to convince Maple to evaluate this to what I want/expect?

Thanks in advance,


I would prefer that all the polynomials generated in my workbook by MAPLE were in expanded form.  For instance, it the elements of a matrix are polynomials, I want to see the expanded form for all of them.  What do I type into a workbook to make this happen.  (I am a new user of MAPLE.) 


For many years I succesfully used the command:

Lambda := ImportMatrix(LambdaFile, delimiter = "", datatype = string);


but for some txt files I now got the following error in Maple 2016:
Error, (in ImportMatrix) cannot interpret file

The same code still runs without problems at all in previous versions of Maple.

The strange thing is that other txt files can be still be imported in Maple 2016 without problems.

I will upload two files:

ULSlx3.txt returns an error message

ULStd3.txt no problems



complete code:

with(LinearAlgebra); with(Statistics);
interface(rtablesize = infinity);

LambdaFile := "C:/path/ULSlx3.txt";
Lambda := Matrix(5, 1);

in the whatsnew there is no information on changes with respect to the ImportMatrix command, although there is some (unrelated) information on Importing Data:

Importing Data
By default, the Import command now returns a DataFrame when importing from Excel, CSV, DIF, and TSV file formats, and returns a DataSeries when importing from ODS, SXC, and TSV file formats. Use the output option to specify a different format. For example, Import(origin, output=Matrix).


I have no clue what is wrong with my code and why some text files can be imported as before whereas other files returns an error message.

greetings Harry

In using Maple there are many ways to complete a command on a function. Using shortcuts in the worksheet/document you can enter the command on the line rather than using the drop down menus or clickable math menu.  I would like to see what the shortcut command are for the packages in Maple.  There are so many, I am using the LinearAlgebra package and have seen Dr. Lopez use " ||A||2 to determine the Euclidean Norm of A.  But where does this use get described in the help or examples of other shortcut usage for Maple. I've seen the shortcut commands for Documents in General, but the use of shortcut commands for other packages  don't seem to discuss the usage of such shortcuts.

Is there a document that documents these shortcuts.


Hello all,

I have a hash structure with arrays in a YAML file that I would like to read in Maple.

Does there exist a module, so I can read it?


Is it possible to view maple workbook content in older versions?

I have tried to perform the examples given in the help section for DataSet retrival.  I cannot get Maple 2016 to access the internet available databases.  It does not return any outside of PC resources, like Maple 2015 did, on search items. Is there a setup item that I am missing or is there something amiss in Maple 2016.

This is the Error that I am getting: "Error, (in DataSets:-Search) invalid input: find_count expects its 1st argument, lst, to be of type list(nonnegint), but received [FAIL["total_count"], 0]. "

I was able to run this example in Maple 2105.  The example is the "Average Global Temperature"



Bill Tolrud

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