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How can I make MAPLE to put out the numerical solution of the following system?
(a =0.12, c = 47.04)  Neither solve nor fsolve does the job!

Thank for your help!


                      S := t -> c*exp(-a*t)+18

> sys:={S(2)=55,S(8)=36};

        sys := {c*exp(-8*a)+18 = 36, c*exp(-2*a)+18 = 55}

> solve(sys);

         {a = -1/2*ln(18/37*RootOf(18*_Z^3-37)^2), c = 37*RootOf(18*_Z^3-37)}

> fsolve(sys);

         fsolve({c*exp(-8*a)+18 = 36, c*exp(-2*a)+18 = 55},{a, c})


Basically it spits out the subset of values for which a division by zero error will occur for the function you specify on  range you specify for each of it's arguments, but I get an ambigous error when ever exponentiation features in the function I specify, which of course dramatically reduces the application of the calculator. Division,addition,substraction and multiplication are currently the only available arithmetic operators availble for the function window that I know the error will not occur.

If some one can help it is much appriciated

Is there something I should be doing whenever I use simplify to avoid things like this, or should I stop using the "is" function all together?


interface(showassumed = 0):


sum(binomial(k+j, k), j = 0 .. n-k) = binomial(n+1, k+1)

(n-k+1)*binomial(n+1, k)/(k+1) = binomial(n+1, k+1)


#And we have:
is(sum(binomial(k+j, k), j = 0 .. n-k) = binomial(n+1, k+1))



#And since:
is(simplify(convert(sum(binomial(k+j, k), j = 0 .. n-k) = binomial(n+1, k+1), 'factorial')))



is(sum(binomial(k+j, k), j = 0 .. n-k) = binomial(n+1, k+1)) = is(simplify(convert(sum(binomial(k+j, k), j = 0 .. n-k) = binomial(n+1, k+1), 'factorial')))



My problem is explained with sufficient detail in the below worksheet:



Digits := 100:

with(StringTools); with(FileTools); with(ListTools)


currentdir("H:\\MAIN DIRECTORY\\ESD-USB\\my_maple_library")

L[1] := ListDirectory(currentdir()):

L[2] := [seq([k, L[1][k]], k = 1 .. nops(L[1]))]:

read L[1][15]:

currentdir("H:\\MAIN DIRECTORY\\ESD-USB\\Computer Science\\MAPLE\\Exponentiation by Squaring"):


B := proc (n) options operator, arrow; [seq(d(n, 2, j), j = 0 .. floor(ln(n)/ln(2)))] end proc:



Identity0 := proc (x, n) options operator, arrow; x^n = piecewise(`mod`(x, 2) = 1, x*(x^2)^((1/2)*n-1/2), `mod`(x, 2) = 0, (x^2)^((1/2)*n)) end proc


Generate_Equations_List := proc (n) global EquationsList, r, B_n, T; B_n := B(n); T := nops(B_n); r[T] := 1; return [seq(r[u-1] = r[u]^2*x^B_n[u], u = 1 .. T)] end proc:

Exp_by_squares := proc (M, Y) global R; Generate_Equations_List(M); R[1] := max([allvalues(rhs(isolate(F[0](Y, M)[1], r[1])))]); return 'x^n' = R[1]^2*X^B_n[1] end proc:


N := (rand(25 .. 33))():

n = 31


x = 34


x^n = 299120672332806228664106719451209941853702979584


x^n = 299120672332806228664106719451209941853702979584



st := time[real]():

x^n = 299120672332806228664106719451209941853702979584




st := time[real]():

x^n = 299120672332806228664106719451209941853702979584




is(t2 < t1)








So I know I have obviously done something wrong, but it has proven very difficult to establish where given how little i know about the solve function


As useful as the SetProperty and GetProperty commands are in this package, I am seeking a command that is called by the action of a user input prompt, for example, the prompt window question is something like:

"How many parameters of silly do you want to specifiy for this analysis? (maximum is 10)"

And once the user has entered a natural number between 1 and 10, that number of components of a specified type is generated  in the worksheet.

Is this a real thing already and I can't find it or is there a round about way to do it without an actual command existing?


StringTools['Explode']("1&le; n&le;m")

["1", "&", "l", "e", ";", " ", "n", "&", "l", "e", ";", "m"]





I recieved the following error:

Error, (in ifactor/QuadraticSieve:-SieveCube) sieving failure

But when I review the procedure ifactor, it doesnt tell me anything about A Quadratic Sieve algorithm, and it's really long and looks dodgey and suspicious, like line 24 for example, why is it computing the greatest integer divisor of a local variable and a random enormous square free number? and then another with an additional factor a few lines later? 

I need the final line of the uploaded worksheet to be the "Select Action", preprogrammed prior to the execution of the insert xml command, how do i do this?

Maple Worksheet - Error

Failed to load the worksheet /maplenet/convert/ .



How can I extract the coefficients of uij in Eq.(3) to form a system of PDEs in F, P and Q?


I use Maple 2016.

The following command calculates semicircle perimeter, but it returns infinity.

`assuming`([int(sqrt(1+(diff(sqrt(R^2-(x-R)^2), x))^2), x = 0 .. 2*R)], [R > 0])

I was trying to learn more about the commands in this package and found it to be someone non satisfying:




Maple gave Lie algebras of a system of PDE in which some of them do not leave the system invariant. Dont know whether the mistake is maple's or mine. File attached.


PDE :=  diff(y(x,t), t)-diff(y(x,t), x,x,t)-diff(y(x,t), x$2)+ diff(y(x,t), x)+y(x,t)*diff(y(x,t),x)=exp(-t)*(cos(x)-sin(x)+1/2*exp(-t)*sin(2*x));

# Initial/boundary conditions 
  BCs:=y(0,t) = 0, y(Pi,t)=0;
  ICs:=y(x,0) =sin(x) ;

pdsolve(PDE, {BCs,ICs});
Test1:=pdetest(exact_solution,[PDE, BCs,ICs]); 

The solution of the PDE is exp(-t)*sin(x).

I want to check whether it is right or not by Maple. 

I wrote the code. You can download the  

But, the code doesn' t work. What is the problem?



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