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Using Insert->Table... and inserting information in the cells. 

So I've created Table1 but I can't seem to call any row/column cell information using that name.  How do we do that?  Also, what is the best way to search for information in those cells and return information in adjacent cells? 

In this application you can visualize the impulse generated by a constant and variable force for the interaction of a particle with an object in a state of rest or movement. It is also the calculation of the momentum-momentum equation by entering the mass of the particle to solve initial and final velocities respectively according to the case study. Engineering students can quickly display the calculations and then their interpretation. In spanish.

Lenin Araujo Castillo

Ambassador of Maple


I have tryed, to run the file with the Mapleversion 2017.3 but in the first example pde[1] I got this error:

Error, (in assuming) when calling 'dsolve'. Received: 'cannot determine if this expression is true or false: not 0 <= -(1/2)*Pi'

 pde[2],  pde[3] and others are o.k. but pde[4] to pde[6] not. Can You give me a hint what's wrong?

With kindly regards

Wolfgang Gellien


In previous version of Maple (e.g. Maple 2015) I was able to copy
"2D Output" equations directly from a Maple Worksheet to MS Word.

These equations could be edited for fine element placement. In the 2017.3 version
it is does not seem to be possible anymore. When I copy the "2D Output" the image
is not copied only the text.

Is this a feature that was removed or a configuration problem ?

Thank you


Dear Sir

I apologize, because I do not usually make manipulations in the System (Mac OsX)

While typing  cat( kernelopts( mapledir ), "/lib" ), I found the path to my Maple system library folder.

And by using the Unix terminal on my eMac, I see that this folder does not include a (old) file Physics2017.mla, but the following ".mla" files: MTM.mla, MathematicalFunctions.mla, maple.mla, update.mla.

For the moment, I do not dare copy the new Physics2017.mla in the library folder.

Is there not a possibility of conflicting some ".mla" files, e.g.  "update.mla" ?

Dear Sir,

I have a problem with the command. In order to learn the use of this command for Feynman Diagrams, I loaded the help page [Physics,FeynmanDiagrams], I tried the given example  by accurately applying the indicated commands, i.e.

after setting Physics[Setup](mathematicalnotation = true);

"Coordinates(X, Y, Z)", next the Langrangian example  "L := lambda*phi(X)^4+sigma*eta(X)^3", then the command


The error maessage is :

"Error, unexpected result from Typesetting" ,and also "

"Error, unexpected result from Typesetting".

Note these errors appear also in the help page itself.

When I click on the link included in the error message, I go on a web page indicating "There is no help page available for this error", and they recommend to discuss my problem with Maple experts on MaplePrimes.

I sew that _NP represent the normal product of fields.

Could you say me, please, where is the error ?

Many thanks




Hello all,

I would like to know how to make computations on Quantum Field Theory questions.

For example: to write Feynman diagrams for some interactions, obtain the S matrix of scattering amplitude, then deduce the diffrential cross section.

If anyone is working on these issues in the Maple community, I would be very interested.

Best regards

Jean-Luc Paillet

Hello people in mapleprimes

I asked a question for a similar thing before.

The question I had then is not solved yet in my mind, so I think  I will ask you
again. It is about differentiation of a composite function.



For both e and d, the notation of D__1 and D__2 appear.
And, even if, with convert, I changed them to another form,
what I can get is more complicated form of h.

Is it inevitable to use D__1 and D__2 brabra in the differentiation of
composite function?

I am writing this question thinking that if there is a way of go around it,
 I want to know.

And, though this is the second question, even if I use latex( ) command,
natually, codes of Tex I can get is that of the output shown on the screen, including D__1 and D__2, even though I want it to be shown with f__x and f__y or that including prime. Then, I have to edit that tex file, changing D__1 to f__x etc. which I think is very complicated modification of the text file.
I wish there is a way to modify it in Maple so as it to be direct TeX codes which  do not require me to modify.
Is it impossible to do such a thing?

Thanks in advance.


When i try to open my 583 KB maplefile in maple 2017, a box shows up, asking: "How do you wanna open this text file?"  with 3 options. No matter what option i pick, a white empty page shows up. I have windows 10 and office 2016 installed on my PC.

This is the second time this problem happens to me, and both times have i lost hours of work. I have red multiple chats of people with the exsact same problem trying to get support from MaplePrime, but unfortunately, you have never been able to repair the files or find the source of the problem. 

Is this problem related to Maple 2017 or why does this happen? how can I trust Maple not to "loose" my work a third time?

My file: Download Hjemmeopgavesæ

Kind regards Anna

Is there any way i can define a value to a variable together with an angle? 

I am looking to do something like this:

the example is from Mathcad, but i was hoping there was some way to do it in Maple also?

Using the syntax in Maple we develop the energy with conservation equations here we are applying the commands int, factor, solve among others. We also integrate vector functions through the scalar product and finally we calculate conservative fields applying the rotational to a field of force. Exclusive for engineering students. In spanish.

Lenin Araujo castillo

Ambassafor of Maple

Can any one disprove maple answer in the attached document?
If not, what is the conclusion?


coulditbe(3*I > 0)



coulditbe(3*I > 0)



coulditbe(3*I < 0)



coulditbe(-2+3*I = 0)



coulditbe(abs(I) > 0)





coulditbe(2+3*I < 0)





What is your opinion?

My opinion from the above is : When a is real and b is complex, a and b can not be compared.

Like number of goats and number of lions  can not be added to give an answer in number of lions alone or number of goats alone!!
Riemann's function Zeta is a function of Complex number


solve(abs(Zeta(s+2*I)) = 0, s)







solve(Zeta(s+2*I) = 0, s)






What does the above results convey??

Am I correct if i state that 's' should be a complex number only and not a real number.



Hey, guys. Can you help me one more time about the non-homogeneous differential equation, the function is shown below:


y''(x)-0.00003019*y(x)^0.337=[9.542*10^(-13)]*x  ;    0<=x<=2945


y(0)=0; y'(2945)=0; 

Actually, the right part is applied bending moment due to own weight. it is very small, but I don't think I may neglect it.  The exact solution is the best answer for me, the numerical solution is also available for me.  Can you show your code of Maple? Thank you for your any help in advance.   Sincerely, I appreciate it so so so much!!!

I have a expression with polylog functions.I want to simplifying to Pi's constans.I tired with:

1. simplify
2. convert

but seems dosen't work:

simplify(sum((sin(k)/k)^7, k = 0 .. infinity))

#1+(1/128*I)*polylog(7, exp(7*I))-(7/128*I)*polylog(7, exp(5*I))+(21/128*I)*polylog(7, exp(3*I))-
(35/128*I)*polylog(7, exp(I))+(35/128*I)*polylog(7, exp(-I))-(21/128*I)*polylog(7, exp(-3*I))+
(7/128*I)*polylog(7, exp(-5*I))-(1/128*I)*polylog(7, exp(-7*I))

 Mathematica give me:

How to do it in Maple?

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