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Division by zero, overflow error

A recent question brought to me some old applications in the application center, loading those applications in newer Maple versions shows critical information missing.

This prompted me to install MapleV on my computer to properly view these applications however after installing, sadly we get a division by zero, overflow error message. 

Since probably no has done this in this day and age, this is a real stab in the...

We need to compute some integral, containing product of some "regular" function (e.g. gaussian)
and Dirac delta-function. The problem is that argument of delta-function is itself a function.

A simplified example is

d1:=s->int( g(x,5,0.025)*Dirac( s-f1(x) ) , x=0..infinity);

By trials and errors, we figured out that Maple runs such calculation successfully
when this function is very simple and fails in more complex cases, i.e., integration  returns zero.

Back when I was working at the University of Waterloo, I found several copies of a VHS tape sitting on a dusty bookshelf full of old Maple boxes and manuals. The tape's cover had a line drawing of Issac Newton on it and the title "Maple V: The Future of Mathematics".

There was...

Hello everybody,


I have a numerical list of points' coordonées defined as :

{P1,P2,P3, ...}

where P1 is defined by [r,theta,phi] radius, azimut, elevation.

Can I plot this in a cartesian coords whitout calculing X=r*cos()*sin() .... ?



I have a parametric function which represent an angle and parameters are angles too.


I plot theta whith plot3d but when theta become inferior to -90°, maple draw a gap of 180°

How can I plot theta without gap ?




i have manged to plot a 2d and a 3d phaseportrait. not my question is how i can add a line to the plot in order to show the zero isocline lines in the same plot?
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