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I want to make the system of ODE into its dimensionless version:

Dimensional version: 

dN/dT= R*N (1 −N/K)−alpha*N*P/(A + N);

dP/dT= gamma*N*P/( A + N) + C*P/(1 + Q*P) −MP;

N (0) ≡N_0 ≥0 and P (0) ≡P_0 ≥0

R, K alpha, gamma, M, C, Q are all positive constant. 

Using one choice of dimensionless variable x = N/K , y = alpha*P/(R*K), t = R*T, the system of ODE can be reduced to its dimensionless version as follows:

dx/dt = x*(1 −x ) −x*y/(a + x);

dy/dt = b*x*y/(a + x) + c*y/(1 + q*y) −m*y

where the dimensionless parameters are a = A/K , b = gamma/R , c = C/R , q = Q*R*K/alpha, and m = M/R.

How to do this in maple. Please help. 

Hey! I need help ASAP, because my maple file has been corrupted and i dont know what to do. Do you guys know how to recover a file? i can save it again as_mw. but should i change it to xml? or how? i have the link to my maple file attached, so if someone can help me, it could be helpful! Because i have an upcoming exam. Thanks youu

If a type is not known, an error is thrown

Error, type `foo` does not exist

Since no error is thrown, these types are known

type({},'{}');# why that output?


I would have expceted {} and [] to be listed as subtypes of set and list since their counterparts (nonemptylist and nonemptyset) exist. Technically the types {} and [] are not needed since negating



works.  However, the types exist, hence my question

I keep getting an error: invalid subscript selector on specifically this part of my code:

MuligIndgange := subsop(RemoveList\[i\]=NULL, MuligIndgange).
Whenever I comment out the MuligIndgange := part it works.

I can't for the life of me see why it's happening, and whenever I use this code outside my proc it works aswell.

Any help is appreciated, and if you need more context I'll be happy to give it.

for i to numelems(MuligIndgange) do
     if M1[MuligIndgange[i][1], MuligIndgange[i][2]] =/= 0 then
         RemoveList := [op(RemoveList), i];
      end if;
end do;
for i from numelems(RemoveList) by -1 to 1 do
    MuligIndgange := subsop(RemoveList[i] = NULL, MuligIndgange);
end do;

I have seen this quite a bit in blocks of code. The `>` symbol seems to appear erratically. I don't know how to specifically reproduce this. Does it mean something? I would post the worksheet but it will not run without the package.

Is there a reason, why one can't issue restart command (or any command) after local server losses connection and crashes? 

Each time this happens, I have to close the worksheet and reopen it again for the worksheet to respond again.

But I would have expected the worksheet to see the server it was communicating with has crashed and to restart new one when new command is issued. Very easy to reproduce.  I start a new worksheet  and type in it


#in new cell, type
convert(integrand,parfrac); #also using convert(integrand,parfrac,x); #same result

Now server.exe crashes.

Now I close the above pop-up windows by clicking on the X.

Now I go back to the first cell where the restart command at. Click ENTER on it to evaluate it and nothing happens. Worksheet is frozen.

Actually no command evaluate any more. The whole worksheet do not respond anymore.

Only way is to close the worksheet and open it again. 

My question is: Is this by design?   

Why exactly does the worksheet stop responding unless one closes it and reopen it? 

It seems the front end does not know the server it was connected with has crashed and it sitting there waiting for the server to reply and that is why it hangs. But then how come it generated the pop-up window saying it lost connection?

So it must know. But if it knows the server it was connected to has crashed then why does it not automatically start new one when a new command is issued without one having to close and reopen the document each time?  Is starting a new server can only be made when a worksheet is first opened? But why?

I have it setup that each worksheets uses it own engine. i.e. under options-general I have  "create a  new engine for each document" which is a very useful option. This way when one worksheet hangs or server crashes (which for me happens 10-20 times each and every day), then no other worksheets are affected.


Windows 10.


I have the following procedure that uses the Lie Derivatives of a vector field to build a set of equations.

description "This function returns the system of equations based on the Lie derivative.":
local i,n:=numelems(vars),L:=Array(0..n):
for i from 1 to n do
    L[i]:=inner(f,map((a,b) -> diff(b,a),vars,L[i-1])):
end do:
end proc:

Below it is an example on how to call the procedure.

I used CodeTools:-ThreadSafetyCheck to check all the procedures used within LieDerList and LieDerList itself, but nothing wrong came out. However when I try to run 


where models4 is a list of 1765 elements, maple returns "Error, (in factors) attempting to assign to `LinearAlgebra:-Modular:-Create` which is protected". If I change Threads to Grid, there is no problem at all.  

What am I overlooking? Is there a method to ensure the procedure is thread-safe?

Many thanks.   

PS.  I found one problem - inner, which is related to LinearAlgebra package, is not thread-safe.  

For a lesson I'm preparing, I want to illustrate some probability concepts using Maple.
In particular, I need to use the fact that the Expectation operator(let say the Mean operator) is a linear operator with respect to random variables. 
However, I don't want to particularize my demonstration by using this or that statistical distribution but simply the notion of random variable.
I have therefore created a specific Distribution named  MinimalAbstractDistribution in which only the mean and variance are defined.

When Statistics:-Mean is applied to the expression (A*p+q) where p and q are names and A is a random variable with distribution MinimalAbstractDistribution, linearity is effectively used.
But not when it is applied to A/p or A-q.

Why that?
Is there a way of defining a statistical distribution so that Mean behaves as expected?

(You will easily understand that no workaround of the form

eval(%, q=-q);

# or

can be accepted in a lesson).

Thanks for your attention




MinimalAbstractDistribution := proc(i)
  Distribution(Mean=mu[i], Variance=sigma[i]^2)
end proc:

A := RandomVariable(MinimalAbstractDistribution(1))



[Mean, Variance](A);

[mu[1], sigma[1]^2]







# But








Can I draw such figures using Maple?

If possible please guide how I can do it.

How to evaluate the right eigenvector of a given matrix in maple?

Simple question (I'm sure) here.  I have one worksheet where the variable does not show up in the ouput of an assignment like this:

whereas I was expecting the output to include the variable being assigned like this in most other worksheets:

I am having some difficulting locating the cause (and therefore the setting) to have the behavior set back to including the variable name in the ouput.  Thanks in advance for your help.


How to find the roots of the equation ?

like if the roots of the equations are m ,n,o,p then the value of these roots in terms of λ0  λ1  λ2  λ3  µ1  µ2 and  µ3

Calculate the values of the following determinants

Windows 10 64bit

If I double click on a  file to open it from explorer  i.e. launch Maple, it is 50/50 whether Maple hangs on opening the file and I have to kill it in the Task Manager. This only happens the 1st time I try to open the file. Subsequent clicks on it will open it. If Maple is already open the problem does not happen.  The problem willl also be there after the PC is restarted. Has anyone else noticed this?

Dear Users!

I hope everyone here is fine. In the attached file I have a list of points in three dimensions. I want to plot surfaceplot (also in Dimension=2) of only those points which are less than 1.

But I want to plot the density plot for all points with the range on x-axes 5 to 15 and the range on y-axes 50-1000

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