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Hi, I was having a problem to write a Maplet for model selection. My problem is that, the variables from Combobox are not received by the procedure that should make the model selection. I am trying to apply the function parse to transform the string from ComboBox and add it to the variable that will be send to procedure FORMULCAO. Here is the code: > with(Maplets[Elements]): > Cond:=module() > option package; > local maplet; > export Model; > global deptemp,N, NDOM, MODE; > use Maplets[Elements] in > maplet := Maplet([ > [ > "Time Dependence: ", > ComboBox['CoB1']("stationary", sort([
Hello, I would like to define new type in my package but I don't know how. What should I change in followng code to make it work? Thank you. Karel Srot restart: march('create', ".", 3); MyModule := module() option package; export p, `type/FS`; `type/FS`:=proc(t); # define new type if t=`a` then RETURN(true); else RETURN(false); end if; end: p:=proc(S::FS) local coeff, t; print(1); end proc: end module; savelibname := ".": savelib('MyModule'); restart: libname:=libname, `.`: with(MyModule); type(a, FS);
hi I am new to Maple. I have been trying to solve a nonlinear equation, but have been fraught with problem. I would appreciate any help. Solution through 'solve' would be great but 'fsolve' will be ok too. For the solve eq:=int(E^2/(exp((E-Mu)/KT)-1), E=El..EU)) -int(E^2/(exp((E/KT)-1), E=EL..EU))=0) Typical values of E are 10^-19; and KT is about 10^-15.
How do I solve an equation such as this: z(t+1)=1+a*b-((a*b)/z(t)) Finite time of T periods so there is a boundary condition of z(T+1)=0. Need to solve backwards for z(t).
Hello, on one of my procedures, i have the following error message "Error, first argument to _Inert_ASSIGN must be assignable" And I absolutely don't know what _Inert_ASSIGN refers to... May somebody help me ? Thank you.
I've got the following inequality with `in`(z, complex): 3*Im(z)^2-1
I have Maple 10 and it doesn't want to solve it for me. Furthermore how could I plot the area of this inequality in gaussian complex number plane?
I hope you can help me. plumbum
hi all if i have random points in xy plane and for each point i have few measured values how can i fit a surface through that points?
Hi, I have the following equation which I want to plot V against t for t=0..10 and V=0..3000. V=1.186*10^3*exp(-9.478*10^(-3)*V)+749.579*0.455*exp(-t/0.245)+0.0375*exp(1/(4*t+1.2)); Ive tried to solve numerically and came with the following: V=105.5074910 LambertW(11.24090800 (e)^((-3.232551942 (e)^((-4.081632653 t))-0.0003554250000 (e)^(((2.500000000)/(10. t+3.))))))+341.0584450 (e)^((-4.081632653 t))+0.03750000000 (e)^(((2.500000000)/(10. t+3.)))]] Im not sure how or if this can be done in Maple.Any help would be very appreciated Regards, Nasos
Hi, I have the following question: Is there in Maple (v 10) something like the Matlab "find" command, which, in short, returns a position of a vector (or array, etc.) entry satisfying a given condition?? Thx
Hi, I am writing my output using printf(...) procedure. Sometimes I would like to use bold font. Is it possible to interfere with maple 10, like this kernelopts(.... turn bold on :-) .....) printf("something in bold\n"); kernelopts(.... turn bold off :-) ....) printf("something not in bold\n"); Is any way to do this?
Since the book entries do not yet have their own tracker (like the forums, blogs, etc), I figured I would give a particular entry I crafted on advanced maple programming a bit of a boost by making a blog entry of it, at least until Will get the tracker back online. I did spend a huge amount of time on that book entry, so I want it to get some visibility!
Hi, Sorry if a question like this has already been answered, but I didn't find any similar ones. I have a matrix that may look like this: M:=Matrix([[1,[0,0,0],[0,0,0]],[lambda,[0,0,0],[1,1,0]],[lambda,[1,1,0],[0,0,0]],[lambda^2 ,[1,1,0],[1,1,0]]]); only much larger... maybe with RowDimension 200000. Is it possible to use LinearAlgebra:-Map involving some conditioning on different rows. Say "Map the first element of each row to zero if the second and third elements are equal". I can do operation in different columns like: Map[(i,j)->evalb(j=3)](x->2*x,M)
I am trying to export a command from Maple 10 into, say, Word. I noticed that when the command exceeds a certain length (??) then it's being put into two lines. whereas the original was just one. I am using cut and paste special. It happens regardless of what format you use for paste special. ditto concerning the paragraph format in word. any help appreciated. thanks
Using with(Units) If I enter something like: P := 1 [[atm]] And then right click to convert this to torr, it does so like this: P := 1 [[atm]] -> 760 [[torr]] But then, if I check the value of P, it is still given in [[atm]]. How can I make the new units append to the previous value? In general, I'm having a difficult time working with units in Maple. Any suggestions?
> restart; with(DEtools); with(PDETools, declare); declare(diff(y(x), x), prime = x); [declare] y(x) will now be displayed as y derivatives with respect to x of functions of one variable will now be displayed with ' > dsolve(diff(y(x), x) = -(2*x-1)/(3*y(x)+7)); (1/2) 7 1 / 2 \ y(x) = - - + - \49 - 6 x + 6 x - 6 _C1/ , 3 3 (1/2)
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