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Does anybody know whether Optimization[Minimize] is the equivalent of matlab's "fminsearch"? If it is, then it will save me from having to move all my project work away from Maple =) Elaine
Hi, When I write the following commands.. I get only one surface in R3.. is not possible to add one option to have more surface levels (automatically)? implicitplot3d(x*y*z, x=0..10,y=0..10,z=0..10); implicitplot3d((10-x)*(10-y)*(10-z)^2,x=0..10,y=0..10,z=0..10); In fact, in contourplot we have one option contours=10 which allow us to draw the 10 contour levels.. Is not possible to do something similar with implicitplot3d?. Thanks in advance for your comments. JJ
Hi, I'm trying to draw a 3D graph of some points that I have generated in Excel, so I need to be able to import the data somehow into Maple then be able to plot it. I can produce the data in two formats, the easiest is a grid with x values along the side and y values along the top, then the z values fill in the grid. Alternatively I can create 3 columns, x, y, and z, so that the number of rows is the number of data points I have. I've been trying this for hours and haven't got very far. I've managed to get the data into Maple (version 10) using the Assistant - Import Data option on the Tools menu, and this produces some kind of matrix of my data. However it won't let me plot it!! Any help would be much appreciated!
Hello, Sorry for my basic english. I try to solve an equation using MAPLE 9.5, and i use the instruction RootOflike this RootOf(-125000000000*sin(1335041/4000000*Pi)*_Z^(7/10)*Pi+95867020225*cos(1335041/4000000*Pi)+3473522985*I*cos(1335041/4000000*Pi)-511700000000*_Z^(7/10)*Pi*cos(1335041/4000000*Pi)-59499404367158*sin(1335041/4000000*Pi)). Maple can not solve this answers me by re-writing the same thing : RootOf(-125000000000*sin(1335041/4000000*Pi)*_Z^(7/10)*Pi+95867020225*cos(1335041/4000000*Pi)+3473522985*I*cos(1335041/4000000*Pi)-511700000000*_Z^(7/10)*Pi*cos(1335041/4000000*Pi)-59499404367158*sin(1335041/4000000*Pi))
Hi.. Is there a Maple pcocedure to evaluate the arithmetic mean of the n preceeding datas (of a data) in a list of numbers? Thanks
I just wnt to know that in maple programing if i have a set of system of equations in which subscripted variables are used then how we find the solution of that system for example we have set of equations as eq_set:={-v2,1-a2=0 ,3v0,3+2v2,1=0 , -b2+3v3,0-2v1,2=0 , v1,2=0} here we want to find the values of subscripted variables v2,1 ,v0,3 v3,0 , v1,2.Kindly help me.
Hello, In C one can use the preprocessor to #define a string literal to be inserted elsewhere in the code. Is there a way to do something like this in Maple? I ask because I am defining a BVP that includes another function as part of the derivitive, and dsolve rejects this, saying that it can't handle a BVP differential algebraic equation (I dont know why it can't do it!). Inserting the expression in place of the reference to the function gives no problem. Thanks
Hello, I'd like to use the BVP solver to find the numeric solution to a large set of differential equations. The thing is, I have about 60 equations differing only by constants in the derivitave. Instead of typing in a set 60 equations with different constants, is there an easy way I can create an array of equations and use it with dsolve? Thanks!
I've got a promblem now. My teacher wants me to write a normalized programme with maple, yet I do not know how. I would like to know where can I find a normalized programme with standard format. If anyone who are familar with this subject, I am glad to accept your suggestions. Thanks very much:)
I could use a hand with a problem our class has. we have the function xy+yz+zx=3 I would like to find a way to graph the surface, the tangent plane at the point (1,1,1) and the normal line all on the same graph. We have tried a couple different methods and have failed miserably. We are using Maple 10 Thanks in advance! Michael
Hi How do I plot and solve Gabriel's Horn in maple. I will really appreciate your help. Take care
How do I integrate a purely numerical function, say f = evalhf @ sin,
and using the NAG routines only ?
In linear algebra multiplication of a scalar and a matrix can change order: aM=Ma, where a is a scalar and M is a r by c matrix. In case of four matrices K,L,M,N the product KLMN is the same as LMNK if the product LMN is a scalar. However, Maple does not allow the forementioned change of order, because the program only checks whether adjacent matrices are conformable. How can this change of order be done in Maple? The issue is that I want to check my work using Maple. TIA Harry ps. is there a brief notation in Maple for scalar by matrix multiplication?
I would like to know how do I find the area under a curve. The curve is 2 D and the data to plot the curve is available. Thanks you

I have only one question, how could I plot the following function correctly?

> f:=x->piecewise(x<-1,1,x=0,2,1);

f := x -> piecewise(x < -1,1,x = 0,2,1)

I try this command but I do not reach the correct result.

> plot(f,-3..3, style=point,discont=true,numpoints=100);

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