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Maple Equation

Ref: Kahan (Jan 2007): How Futile are Mindless Assessments of Roundoff in Floating-Point Computation ?

I wanted to know, how Maple behaves on the example given in \2475 of that working paper (where other

systems are considered, mostly Matlab) and thought it might be of interest here in the forum.

> restart; Digits:=16; interface(version);

( 1+ c*10^(n+1) ) / ( 1+ c*10^(n) ): 'limit(%,n=infinity)': '%'=%;

                                        (n + 1)
                                1 + c 10
                      lim       --------------- = 10
                 n -> infinity             n
                                   1 + c 10

However if c = 0 then ...
How can I add blank spaces after each comma in the following so that the output will be easier to read? print(X_bar[1] = Mean_SampleMeans1, S[1]^2 = Var_SampleMeans1, S[1] = SD_SampleMeans1); X_bar[1] = 5.993500000, S[1]^2 = 5.102310060, S[1] = 2.258829356 I am using Maple 10 worksheet mode (Mac). Maple ignores any additional spaces after commas in the input. Thanks for your help. Thomas
Hello, is there a way to give new properties to built-in operators, such as `+` or `*`? For example, I have my own type MYTYPE and procedure for adding MyAdd(a::MYTYPE, b::MYTYPE). Now, I would like to use: a + b instead of MyAdd(a,b). Is it possible? Thank you. Karel

Hello, I have a question about Mathematical Expression Component in document. I tried to use it in my maple document and of course I looked at the help about it. There is a discription about another component, I think. The reason of it is that the dialog of component property is different in a help and in a document. I do not know why. I try to use it in Maple 10.06. The following figures show the situation. Of course, problem of this component is not only in different property dialog but also in functionality. Figure from help Figure from document Problem with this component is described also in the document here. Thank you. Vladimir

I seem to be having some trouble with scalar multiplication. Perhaps you all can help out. Here is what I have; with(LinearAlgebra): A:= matrix(3,3,[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]); ScalarMultiply(A,3); I was hoping that would work, but after the ScalarMultiply command I get "Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-ScalarMultiply) expects its 1st argument, MV, to be of type {Matrix,Vector}, but received A" Any ideas where I am going wrong? Thanks in advance.
Probably me doing something wrong but just wanted to know.... I wanted to assign a value to a variable... delta x but I wanted to use the greek delta with the x. (e.g. Δx) Maple doen't like it, and flags the error. Error, first argument to _Inert_ASSIGN must be assignable I know it is only cosmetic but I just wanted know if its possible. Thanks, dgiznya
How do I find the numeric value of these equation.I want actual value of all symbols( alpha,beta and gamma) 1) b_2 = -3.464909430*RootOf(-gamma^2+alpha*beta+(-gamma^2-4*alpha*beta)*_Z+(gamma^2+4*alpha*beta)*_Z^2, label = _L1)+1.732454715 2) b_1 = RootOf(-gamma^2+alpha*beta+(-gamma^2-4*alpha*beta)*_Z+(gamma^2+4*alpha*beta)*_Z^2, label = _L1)/alpha 3) Z = -.5772156649*alpha/(2.*RootOf(-gamma^2+alpha*beta+(-gamma^2-4*alpha*beta)*_Z+(gamma^2+4*alpha*beta)*_Z^2, label = _L1)-1.)
Please help me find the numeric values of a_1,a_2,b_1 and b_2, base on the below equation. solve({a_1^2*alpha+a_2^2*beta=a_1,2*a_1*a_2*alpha+a_2^2*gamma=a_2,a_1*b_1*alpha+a_2*b_2*beta=b_1,a_1*b_2*alpha+a_2*b_1*alpha+a_2*b_2*gamma=b_2,b_1^2*alpha+b_2^2*beta=a_1+b_1,2*b_1*b_2*alpha+b_2^2*gamma=a_2+b_2,a_1*b_2<>b_1*a_2},[a_1,a_2,b_1,b_2]);
I'm new to Maple and just starting a ODE class. I attempted to do a Directional Field plot using DEplot. The plot displayed only Q3 and no mater what I tried would not plot the other quadrants. My inputs: with(DEtools): desgn := diff(y(x),x)=-x/y DEplot(desgn,y(x),x=-10…10,y=-10…10); Seems simple enough is there something I’m missing? I tried to change the range by the right click over the plot; did nothing. Sorry if this is overly simple but, I’m still learning… Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
I am teaching a course on wavelets. I have two items that are giving me trouble with using Maple 10. 1. I read a JPEG image into my worksheet, and then I want to multiply it by a filter matrix. I get an error because the filter is a Matrix and the image is an Array. How do I fix this problem? 2. Once I have changed the image, I want to see the result. The only way I have found to do it is to save the resulting array to the hard drive, and then use the Insert tab, and choose image. There has to be a way to do this without having to store the Array. How? Bo Green
I had trouble with Maple in my calculus II class when working an improper integral. See the uploaded worksheet at Download
View file details. Am I making a silly mistake here or is Maple incorrect? Lance N.
How to get the set of non-neg-int solution of x+y+z=n?
I have matrix C: C:= matrix([[a,b,c],[d,e,f],[g,h,i]])=7; and want to find the determinant of matrix K. K:=matrix([[a+d,b+e,c+f],[d,e,f],[g,h,i]]); How do I do this? Im not very familiar with the linalg-package in Maple so I need help.
I am exporting a 3D colored ps figure by using the output command: plotsetup(ps,plotoutput=``,plotoptions=`portrait,noborder,color=RGB`); Without changing the grid size, the figure, in the postcript file, appears with less accuracy than the one that would appear in the Maple environment. Is there an option to be defined that improves the picture resolution without the need of increasing the number of points of the grid?
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