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I would like to copy Maple results and insert them in text documents (e. g. MS-Word). I highlighted the Mple result and copied it with the context menu (strg+c, Windows). Following I pasted it with the context menu in a Word Document. Unfortunately the pasted image was very fuzzy (actually unreadable). Is there any other method to copy Maple outcomes quickly in text documents? Thanks Dirk
Why does Maple not substitute the value for y[1] in the result? subs(m=3,y[1]=2,sum(r[i]*y[i],i=1..m));%; I assume that the values were substituted in sum() but subs() does not execute sum(). Accordingly there is at the timepoint of substitution no y[1] in sum()? Thanks Dirk
hi. I am trying to make a list of 2 by 2 matrices with entries from Zp. (for the moment p=3) I managed to make the matrices, but I can't for the life of me get them over in a list. This is the code I have written, and I would love some help, or an alternative solution. E := Matrix([[k, i], [j, l]]); for k from 0 to p-1 do for i from 0 to p-1 do for j from 0 to p-1 do for l from 0 to p-1 do E; print(E); end do ; end do ; end do ; end do;
What is the RGB color designation for the default green shading color that Maple uses? For example, the green shading color generated when using the command with(student); leftbox(x,x=0..2); Thanks all.
I am trying to plot a graph of two functions and fill between the two lines. The code I have seems to work as I type it, but when I remove the output and re-execute it completely ignores the 'white' fillings. Here is the code I have so far: restart:with(plots): First I assign to u and v to the equations. u:=0.21e-1*x^3-0.947e-1*x^2-1.77*x+1.79; v:=-0.451e-2*x^3-0.473e-1*x^2+.243*x+4.74; Then I plot the functions and find the intercepts. plot([u,v],x=-8..11,y=-9..7,color=[blue,green]); inters:=fsolve(u=v); x_int_u:=fsolve(u); x_int_v:=fsolve(v); Plot again and shade the regions of interest.
I have an exam in vector analysis soon, and it happens quite often we're supposed to parametrize the surface of as solid. Is there a way to get maple to plot the solid so it's simpler to visualize the current situation? Suppose for example that E is the solid defined by x^2+y^2+z^2=<>a^2 with a some constant and =<> means greater than or equal to. Suppose S is the boundary-surface of E. How do I plot S in the easiest way? It's for use for an exam so time is precious.
I need to integrate a function from either 0- or 0+ to infinity. While there is no problem entering the upper limit, how is it possible to enter either of the lower limits?
What would be the simplest or fastest way to replicate this
sequence using Maple? Thanks.
Inspired by the blog post Find a point in every region defined by a system of linear equations, I have come up with the following method to find a point inside each bounded region. The assumptions are:
  • No two lines are parallel.
  • No three lines are coincident.
Due to numerical instability, it seems, using floats, the coefficients of the equations of the lines are taken to be integers (they could also have been taken to be fractions, of course). Then the method goes like follows:
Hi there, I'm doing some computations involving polynomials in Maple. As some of the routines take slightly longer to finish, I tend to run them on a machine at my university, via ssh. For this, I need to use command-line Maple. While Maple's 2-D output works well in xmaple, the output in command-line Maple is useless, especially if one needs to reuse the results produced by a procedure. Instead of using something that is supposed to look like 2-d output, it would be much more helpful to have command-line Maple return its output in 1-D Maple notation. For a polynomial, for example, I would much rather have
So I write this as a function: zurflu14 := t->A*exp(-k*t); now I want the same thing with the derivative but doesnt seem to work.. dzurflu14 := t->diff(zurflu14(t),t); I have tried it many ways, what am i missing? I want the same functionality to evaluate at any value. Thanks in advance!
I am having a problem using fsolve. When I input the command it just spits it out right back at me almost exactly how I typed it in. I have come across this before and I just started over but I have been working on this worksheet for hours, can anyone help?
(Sorry, this is reposting my earlier question that was submitted into a wrong place.) I want to (triple)integrate f(x,y,z):=7z on the cylinder x^2+y^2<>
Is possible to create literal subscript in atomic form without mouse?? In particular I need to create variable names with subscript in an automatic procedure, so I cant use the mouse (Convert To - > Atomic Identifier). Thanks!
How do I lock plots so that every time I execute the document the plot won't revert to default settings? Thanks Dgiznya
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