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I have to maximize: Max P: 3.35a+3.55b+3.85c-2.6d under the folowing constraints: a,b,c,d>0 a+b+c+d=1 d=0.016a+0.016b+0.04c while minimizing: 0.002a+0.0212b under the constraints:a,b>0 and a+b
hi i am seeking help for a little problem The question is a part of my coursework but it doesnt make sense to me i dont know how to use maple to construct a model can you please help thanks. On board sailing ships or warships, a lookout stood watch in a crows nest high on the main mast. b) Construct a mathematical model to show how far a lookout can see. Clearly indicate any assumptions you make and define any parameters you use in your formula and in the construction of your model. c) You are given that the eye-level of a typical on deck lookout is 1.75m above deck level, the floor of the crow’s nest is 25m above deck level and the deck itself is 5 m above (flat) sea level. The radius of the earth can be taken as 6,3000 kilometres.
I am creating a maplet application which requires to provide theorems, definitions, and formulas with mathematical symbols. I used MathMLViewer element but it was very unfriendly. Is there any way to control this element to make the statement readable? For example: mu=sqrt(u[1]^2+u[2]^2+u[3]^2); angA:=arcos(u[1]/mu);angB:=arcos(u[2]/mu);angC:=arcos(u[3]/mu); t1:=`Magnitude of vector u is`*mu*`Direction angles are:`*`A=`*angA*`, B=`*angB*`, C=`*angC; with(Maplets:-Elements): maplet:=Maplet([[Mathviewer('fonsize'=10,wrapped=true,width=300,height=180,value=MathML-Export(t1))], [Button("OK",Shutdown())]]):Maplets-Display(maplet);
Hello there I'm a newbie, both here and to Maple ! :) So I am playing around with some polynoms on integers that I would like to further use in Python programs. Maple is really great to help me get these polynoms, but the problem is that I would like to have them formated in the end with a big numerator over a single denominator, so that python makes the right computations on integers. So for instance, instead of : P(n) = 1/3*n^3 + 1/2*n^2 + 1/6*n I would like to have : P(n) = (2*n^3 + 3*n^2 + 1)/6 (if this is with a big horizontal line of course perfectly ok) Is there a special formating/simplication/transformation function that is available in Maple to get that ?
Hi, I am working on an excersise about surface integration. Normally I would define my Surface like this: Surface(
Hello I to have about the PDE question, the topic like appendix, asks everybody to help me to do explains View on MapleNet or Download
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I have several nut questions. (1) after I installed maple, there are "classical worksheet maple 10" and "maple 10"? Are they different? which should I use? looks the same, but when i do plot and something else, they work differently? (2) about plot: when I plot a figure, there is always a big blank outside frame. And I want get the eps fig without this blank outside frame, can i do it? this outside frame makes the totoal size of this fig large and I could not arrange the eps files in my paper well. W thanks!!
Hello there! I have a maple code that is approximately 300 lines. There are no graphs printed and I would like to export this as a LaTeX code. I choose export under File and save the file as "test.tex" I have installed all the maple packages and refreshed fndb. The problem is that LaTex is not able to run the document. I get the following error: ! Argument of \end has an extra }.
Hello everybody, I'm trying to apply the command allvalues to the output of solve( x^2=cos(x^2), x ): RootOf(_Z^2-RootOf(_Z-cos(_Z)), label = _L4) but when I enter: allvalues(%) I get the following error message under Windows XP SP2: Error, (in @) too many levels of recursion Does anybody know what's going on? Many thanks in advance, Ruben
It is possible to pass to a procedure a name which will be used to name a geometric object.

> with(geometry):

> f:=proc(n, x,y); point(n, x,y); end proc;

> f('A', 1, 1);

Hi Am trying to tidy up a printout of two columns in M version 7, such that the second column is lined up. Using the tab character \t in the printf statement does not seem to work - it just shifts a fixed number of spces, rather than go to a tab stop position. The following Maple code is very klutzy: however its redeeming feature is that it does work. Sample Maple code: #Create a long string of spaces (26 spaces between " ") aspac:=CharacterMap( "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ", " ", cat(a,a) ); #NB a is the first 'word' - see output below #spac is a string of spaces to ensure alignment
Hello, I'm having a difficulty with MAPLE's dsolve which is best understood by looking at the uploaded file. If anyone has the time to help me on this I would sure appreciate it. View 2292_Dsolve doesnt work with on MapleNet or Download 2292_Dsolve doesnt work with
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What would be the simplest method using maple to calcualte the angles of incidence/reflection of straight lines from a common point striking the internal surface of a circle. If the centre of the circle lies on the y-axis and circumference touches x-axis forming a semi circle. Is it possible to represent graphically the setup and also have calculations giving accurate reflected rays from the surface of the curve, for the various points along the x-axis. Thanks

Hi, I am solving a question about derives. I now what's the value of dx/dt, x and y. I was asked to calculate the value of dy/dt. This is my Maple worksheet:
Hello everybody, I'm just trying to get familiar with Maple and I'm wondering if it would be possible to transform an expresion like: 3*x+3*y into 3*(x+y). Many thanks in advance, Ruben
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