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Can we define dependencies of a variable after using the variable? For example, let us take,


Here, T has no dependencies. What should we do to make it dependent of x and y without redefining the whole thing as f:=2*T(x,y)+x^2;

and, can we do this for a whole matrix or vector?



Let us say that we have a code shown below:

simplify(e[1] &wedge e[1]+e[1] &wedge e[2]);

the output of this code is

How do I can generate eps figure from my maple calculation, in which expernal rectangular frame (solid lines) does not appear. I generate successfully the eps but I cannot remove the frame.

ok so i have the differnetial equation

[latex] \lambda^{2} (\frac{dx}{dt})^{2} = (cos{ \alpha} - x)(cos{ \beta} - x) [/latex]

where [latex] x = cos{ \theta} [/latex]

and the solution is

[latex] x = cos{ \alpha} sin^{2}{\frac{t}{2 \lambda}} + cos{ \beta} cos^{2}{\frac{t}{2 \lambda}} [/latex]

please show you're working cos that's where im getting lost

now i want to use maple to show this is the solution to the eqn.

how do i do this???


Hi to all,

I need to verify an multivariate equality in maple, here it goes:

Nr := 3 - cos(x - y) - cos( z - x) - cos(y - z);

Dr := (sin(x/2))^2 +  (sin(y/2))^2 + (sin(z/2))^2;

assume(x>0, x<Pi); assume(y>0,y<Pi); assume(z>0,z<Pi);

eqn := Nr/Dr;

I need to check whether eqn <= 6. I have tried

is(eqn > 6)  and is(eqn <=6) and both give FAIL as output. But if I change the denominator, Dr say Dr := Dr + 6;

Dear all:


I am trying to solve an ODE for w(x);

E - a parameter
MI - a parameter
w(x) - Transverse deflection
q(x) - Transverse force on the beam with respect to x
G - a parameter
A - a parameter
ap - a parameter
si - a parameter
mysol1 - differential equation to be solved with boundary conditions (bc1,bc2,bc3 and bc4) applied

Hi everybody,

I have a symbolic matrix (11x11) it is sparsely populated with components on the diagonal and 2 places either side.  When I have tried to calculate the [standar operations > nverse] (on a PC with Raid 0 and 4 Gb) Maple 12 stops running at 1883 Mb and complains about 'memory allocation?

Q1: how do I (inexperienced maple user) increase memory allocation?

Q2: when I tried to run a 5x5 matrix as a test a matrix wasn't returned, only a list of letters?

like (1+x)(1+2x)^2=(1+x)(1+4x+4x^2)

I think people can do that with Mathematica

The following example arrived in my email inbox a few weeks ago. It spurred a short but lively thread of discussion amongst some Maple developers.

I thought that it was interesting enough to post here. I'll hold off on giving my own opinion right away, because I'm curious to read what other MaplePrimes members might write about it.

> q := (6*((1/3)*a-1/9))/(36*a-116+12*sqrt(12*a^3-3*a^2-54*a+93))^(1/3);
                                   6 (a/3 - 1/9...


I have read the previous questions/answers regarding exporting a matrix to excel.  It is not working.

I am running Maple 10 Standard, XP, and Excel 2003.  I have Maple as an Add-In on Excel.

When I select my Matrix, right click, my options for export are:  MatLab, Tab Delimited, Matrix Market.  I chose Tab Delimited, but I get the same response from any choice, and an error box appears saying, "Error Fetching RTable ID".  Any suggestions?




I get an error message when I evaluate this line:


Error, (in PDEtools/sort_as_in) sort: 2nd argument must be a function that always returns true or false

I don't know what the problem is with this line. I have Maple 12.

Have you got any idea?


How do I convert a 2D expression constructed with MathMLEditor to a normal 1 D string? I know that example 6 from the maplet builder tutorial does this, but the result is often in a prefix notation. For example, if I enter "x-square + 1" as a 2D expression in the MathMLEditor, the result is `&plus;`(x^2,1). I would like to get more normal x^2+1. I have examined the code generated by the maplet builder and experimented with options in the MathMLEditor and MathML[Import], but to no avail. Is there a way to convert the prefix notation to the more normal infix?

How do I simplify an expression imported from the MathMlEditor? For example, the following code is taken  from Maple help. I have saved the result in the variable abc.

with(Maplets[Elements]): maplet := Maplet([

    [BoxCell("Enter and expression")] , [MathMLEditor('reference'='ME1')],[Button("Done",Shutdown([ME1]))]  ]):

result := Maplets[Display](maplet): abc "= MathML[Import](result[1]);

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