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In my worksheet I have a variable Q which has a value of 0.000002859716408. I am in a document block and type The value of Q and then I press ctrl= and the line reads The value of Q = 0.000002859716408 But what if I had wanted the value to be outputted in scientific format, e. g. The value of Q = 2.85972e-06 Is there any way I could have gotten this output ? Thanks
It's according to my project, again. I want to plot a pentatope (4-simplex) with Maple. I've tried using plot3d with animate but it's look doesn't work. Thanks for your help.
A couple of question on the following snippet.

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

How do I find critical numbers of a function or graph, such as the function, f(x)=abs(x^3-2x^2+1) ???????? Please help me
Hi, how do I plot something of the form x+y+z=3 for a range of x,y,and z? I thought this should be a simple 3d plot, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Thanks ahead of time.

Because my ISP no longer offers home pages, I'm putting the source to maplev-mode here.

maplev-mode is an Emacs major mode for developing Maple code. Its features include:

  • font-lock (highlighting) of Maple keywords
  • automatic indentation
  • syntax checking (via Mint)
  • online Maple help
  • online display of Maple procedures
  • imenu support
  • auto-fill support

It works properly with NTEmacs on a Windows machine and with GNU Emacs on a Linux box. It has been tested with GNU Emacs 21.2. It is supposed to work with Xemacs but the testing done with Xemacs has been minimal. The manual is badly out of date.

The current version supports Maple 11 and previous releases of Maple.

I use a dark background, but the maplev-mode can be configured to use a light background. Clicking on the highlighted "on line 13" message in the mint buffer moves the point to that location in the source buffer. Download
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I am creating help pages for a package, and want an example worksheet to open as a worksheet rather than a help page. For example, clicking the "Package Overview help page template" hyperlink on the "Templates" help page brings up a worksheet rather than a help page. The mouseover of the hyperlink implies it was saved as a help page (presumably in a help database) rather than as a worksheet. I see the active=true option under INTERFACE_HELP, but am not sure how I convert my worksheet to this form - surely I would lose the formatting styles. An option under "save to database" seems logical, or an active=true option for makehelp, but these do not seem to exist.

Maple Equation

Ref: Kahan (Jan 2007): How Futile are Mindless Assessments of Roundoff in Floating-Point Computation ?

I wanted to know, how Maple behaves on the example given in \2475 of that working paper (where other

systems are considered, mostly Matlab) and thought it might be of interest here in the forum.

> restart; Digits:=16; interface(version);

( 1+ c*10^(n+1) ) / ( 1+ c*10^(n) ): 'limit(%,n=infinity)': '%'=%;

                                        (n + 1)
                                1 + c 10
                      lim       --------------- = 10
                 n -> infinity             n
                                   1 + c 10

However if c = 0 then ...
How can I add blank spaces after each comma in the following so that the output will be easier to read? print(X_bar[1] = Mean_SampleMeans1, S[1]^2 = Var_SampleMeans1, S[1] = SD_SampleMeans1); X_bar[1] = 5.993500000, S[1]^2 = 5.102310060, S[1] = 2.258829356 I am using Maple 10 worksheet mode (Mac). Maple ignores any additional spaces after commas in the input. Thanks for your help. Thomas
Hello, is there a way to give new properties to built-in operators, such as `+` or `*`? For example, I have my own type MYTYPE and procedure for adding MyAdd(a::MYTYPE, b::MYTYPE). Now, I would like to use: a + b instead of MyAdd(a,b). Is it possible? Thank you. Karel

Hello, I have a question about Mathematical Expression Component in document. I tried to use it in my maple document and of course I looked at the help about it. There is a discription about another component, I think. The reason of it is that the dialog of component property is different in a help and in a document. I do not know why. I try to use it in Maple 10.06. The following figures show the situation. Of course, problem of this component is not only in different property dialog but also in functionality. Figure from help Figure from document Problem with this component is described also in the document here. Thank you. Vladimir

I seem to be having some trouble with scalar multiplication. Perhaps you all can help out. Here is what I have; with(LinearAlgebra): A:= matrix(3,3,[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]); ScalarMultiply(A,3); I was hoping that would work, but after the ScalarMultiply command I get "Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-ScalarMultiply) expects its 1st argument, MV, to be of type {Matrix,Vector}, but received A" Any ideas where I am going wrong? Thanks in advance.
Probably me doing something wrong but just wanted to know.... I wanted to assign a value to a variable... delta x but I wanted to use the greek delta with the x. (e.g. Δx) Maple doen't like it, and flags the error. Error, first argument to _Inert_ASSIGN must be assignable I know it is only cosmetic but I just wanted know if its possible. Thanks, dgiznya
How do I find the numeric value of these equation.I want actual value of all symbols( alpha,beta and gamma) 1) b_2 = -3.464909430*RootOf(-gamma^2+alpha*beta+(-gamma^2-4*alpha*beta)*_Z+(gamma^2+4*alpha*beta)*_Z^2, label = _L1)+1.732454715 2) b_1 = RootOf(-gamma^2+alpha*beta+(-gamma^2-4*alpha*beta)*_Z+(gamma^2+4*alpha*beta)*_Z^2, label = _L1)/alpha 3) Z = -.5772156649*alpha/(2.*RootOf(-gamma^2+alpha*beta+(-gamma^2-4*alpha*beta)*_Z+(gamma^2+4*alpha*beta)*_Z^2, label = _L1)-1.)
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