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Q: Write a procedure OddEven that takes a list L of integers and returns a list of the odd-numbered entries followed by the even-numbered entries.  So, for example,
should return [1,5,9,3,7,11].  (Note: unless you find a clever solution you will need a several-line procedure using proc..end proc.   You will perhaps need an if statement so that you can deal with the case where the list has an odd number of elements and where it has an even number of elements separately.)



My ideas...

Hi there ! The attached worksheet has a good review on the theory of Limits and Continuity of functions that have two or more variables.

The attached worksheet has a specially designed tool that helps you evaluate the limits of really complicated multivariable functions.


Please feel free to ask questions.

Given that
3*(sum(cot(m*Pi/(2*M+1))^2, m = 1 .. M))

is a polynomial of degree r in M, find r and the coefficient of M. (The coefficient is an integer)

Any ideas how to go about solving this problem? When i input this particular indefinite sum into Maple it does not generate a polynomial.

Good morning and evening! I got a procedure f1, which takes two numbers and outputs one. Just a numeric computation. NLPSolve(f1, -1..2, -2..2); Warning, no iterations performed as initial point satisfies first-order conditions but plotting a 3D graph shows me a good, smooth minimum. Setting starting point does not help. It seems that NLPSolve thinks that gradient is equal to zero, but why?


I’m quite new to maple so I need a bit of help. I am trying to solve the Navier-Stokes equations (NSE) in 2D along an infinite channel  which has fluid being sucked out of it through the walls.

u/∂t + (u∙grad)u=-(1/ρ)grad(p)+ (nu)grad^2u

I need to write down the NSE.
u=(u,v,0) is the velocity of the fluid.
The flow is steady so ∂u/∂t=0.
I need to take the curl of the NSE to eliminate the pressure term as taking the curl of


I have two columns as seen below. I want to sort column Y in descending order but I want to                                                                      return the the X value of such a Y value as well.

Hi, Would appreciate some help - Re: checking solutions of the first order DE in Maple? Tried to search in Help, but could only find solutions to 2nd order DE. For instance, when I enter: > ode := diff(y(x), x) = y^2*exp(x); d 2 --- y(x) = y exp(x) dx > solve(ode); I get: Error, (in solve) cannot solve expressions with diff(y(x), x) for x > Many thanks! Antonio

Hi all,


What am I doing wrong?

For a single pair of left single quotes, ?name is clear:

Any valid Maple name formed without using left single quotes is precisely the same as the name formed by surrounding the name with left single quotes.

So this is fine:


But what about multiple left single quotes? This help page also states:

If you have a standard math, complicated expression in your Maple worksheet that you would like to include in a blog in this venue, what's the most economical way to copy & paste it?


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