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I need to plot the probability distribution function

f(x) = n!/(x!*(n-x)!*(2^(n))).

Can I just plot this as any other function using the various plot commands, or is there some statistics package option specially made for this?

Also can this distribution help me answer the question of obtaining the probability that the fraction of heads for 10, and 100 total coin tosses will be between 0.445 and 0.555?



Hi, I'm very,very new to maple, project due on monday so help needed urgently please! I have an array (as a result of dsolve) of the form below (obviously a lot longer) [a=0.001, b=123, c=345, d=565] [a=0.002, b=124, c=345, d=567] [a=0.003, b=125, c=456, d=765] I need to plot the first and third columns against each other so I used the op function to extract these columns arr := Array[1 .. 100]; for i to 100 do arr[i] := [op(1, ans(i)), op(3, ans(i))] end do However, this gives me [a=0.001, c=345] [a=0.002, c=345] [a=0.003, c=456]

Hello All,

This is my first post, and I want to thank you for helping guys like me.

I am working on a project, but I've gotten to a point, where I need help :(

Actually, it is 2 points...

  • I am using Maple 12 (document mode), and I'm trying to get the following graph drawn:

mm:=(101/100)*ln(10)-ln(S(t))+10-S(t) = 5*t

plot2:=implicitplot(mm, t = 0 .. 10, S = 0 .. 10)


How do I define a Function of functions with maple?

For example:






Sebastián Varas K.



I have a curve which has two peaks and I need to find the width of each peak at half the height of peak's value.

What do I need to do to find the widths?

I checked the forums and only this suggestion didn't give an error message, but the results is not helping me out much.



results in

flatten(Vector(4, {(1) = ` 1..512 x 1..768 `*Array, (2) = `Data Type: `*float[8], (3) = `Storage: `*rectangular, (4) = `Order: `*C_order}))


The purpose of all this is to do some edge detection upon an image.


I'm trying to solve a diffusion PDE with initial conditions, but can't seem to get the syntax right? Here's what I have: pde:= diff(C(r, t), t) = Di*(diff(r^2*(diff(C(r, t), r)), r))/r^2-lambda*C(r, t)+Beta Initial conditions (which I'm not sure how to define) C(r,0)=0 C(0,t)=finite C(a,t)=0 r=0 to a t>0 I can use pdsolve(pde,build) to get a reasonable solution, but when I try: pdsolve(eq, C(a, t) = 0, build) I get: Error, (in pdsolve/info) wrong extra arguments: {C(a, t) = 0}

By Maple


hypergeom([1, 3/2], [5/2], 1/x^2)/(3*x^2)



The 2F1 form suggests for me that in x=0 LegendreQ is infinite or at least undetermined. So what is the truth?

I work with LegendreQ(1,x) where x is real.




Hi all,

I am doing some research where I solve three differential equations simultaneously.. The results are three optimal time paths, W(t), R(t), and H(t). I want to plug these three into an integral, and solve (to get the net present value of my initial problem). I have no problem solving the diff. equations and getting values, given initial conditions. I am getting an error in the integration. I know I am missing something in the way I set it up. Anyways, I am putting my steps here below. Thanks for taking a look!

Boy, this program sure makes me feel like an idiot.  (I am a full professor at a top university, but maple has turned me into an idiot.)

so, here's my stupid question now:

(for those of you who do statistics, this is the principal stratification problem in causal inference.  Eventually, I'll replace equations 9-11 with other conditions.

I hope to show my class this.)

Hello, I want to evaluate a double integral with fsolve as a limit. A simplified version of the problem is:



I've tried several variations of unapply and '...' but get the error:

Error, (in fsolve) z is in the equation, and is not solved for


I'd appreciate your advice!


I need to create an iterative code to find the minimum of the function


where x and b are vectors in R^2 and A is a 2X2 symmetric positive definite matrix. The implications of this is that the gradient of the function is


and that we are indeed searching for a minimum.

This is the code I have so far, using the while command to create a loop.


I want to compute a define integral as follows:


I'm working on a computational physics project and prefer to use Fortran codes (compiled by MVS-9) with Maple power together.

In recent days I've changed some compiler options in MVS and unfortunatly (I don't remember the options) nothing works well as before.

For example, as I try to use a simple code like this:

Dear Mathlovers, The probleme is that i have created an animation for the mandelbrot set. The only probleme is that the axes dont rescale. Can anyone solve this. The animation is a zoom in on a point with 5 frames. Code is bottem of the post Grtz Pieter Excuse me for my bad english Code : ------ mandelbrot:=proc(x,y) local c,z,m; c:=evalf(x+y*I); z:=c; for m from 1 to 75 while abs(z)
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