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hi all,


i have 10 question out of like a billion, that i am unable to do and would appreciate if someone was able to send me the maple coding they put in into classic worksheet format.


File is below.


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> R := 0.6e-1*(arctan(10*s/1.3+(-10)*.3)/Pi+1/2) / /10 s \ \ |arctan|---- + (-10) 0.3| | | \1.3 / 1| s -> 0.06 |------------------------ + -| \ Pi 2/ > y := -R(s)*cos(6*Pi*s/1.3) > y(0.26); ???what can I do to get the result of y,when s=0.026 Need help from anyone! Thank you! liu

I have the following situation (related to the design of steel structures). Using Maple you compute for a given loading the minimum required section modulus (a cross-sectional property). With that value you enter the section data base (an EXCEL spreadsheet) find all candidate sections whose modulus equals or exceeds the minimum and select the correct one based on some criteria (e.g., weight which is also included in the spreadsheet). Right now this is done manually. Any way to have MAPLE do that for me?


dimitrios karamanlidis

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Can someone help me evaluate the last integral?




Problem: find the length of the curve y=(x/2)^{3/2}. Using VectorCalculus Maple11 says

For the polar equation, r = 2 sin(theta), will some kind soul please give me the syntax for a parametrized plot?

     polarplot (   [    ,      ,     ] )


Greetings All

When I run these commands

with(combinat, fibonacci);

modp(fibonacci(3)-1, 9)+1


I get the answer of 2

but when I run with these commands

the single digit modp doesn't work  Why is this?


How can I check a large matrix and determine whether there are rows or columns that are multiples of one another?

When multiples exist, how can I determine which rows are multiples?

Thanks for your help.

I have the following expression which is a sum of three terms.  The first term has a -(H1+H2)^2 and the second one has a (H1+H2)^2 term and I would like to simplify this by dividing the equation by (H1+H2)^2 but I can't figure out how to force maple to do that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(-2*H1*H2-H2^2-H1^2)*`ϕt`+(H1^2+2*H1*H2+H2^2)*`ηt`*Ut+4*H2*H1*Uc*`ηc` = 0

Also, f someone can direct me to where I can learn to present equations better in this file that would be icing on the cake.

Following set of equations will solve and give exact solutions for x1, x2, x5.

(x2+1)^2-x5 = 0,
125+x1 - x2 = 0,
1+x3 - x4 = 0,
x8*x6+x7 - x8^2= 0,
x9*x6+x7 - x9^2-x3 = 0,
y2*x6+x7 - x5-y2^2 = 0,
y1*x6+x7+x5 - x5-y1^2-x4 = 0
[x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, y1, y2]);

We have a list of random binary numbers, say, A=[1,1,0,0,1,0]. Based upon A we want to write a matrix M=[a(i,j)] of order 5x5, where each a(i,j) is a list of length(A), comprising real numbers in closed interval [0,1]. All these reals in a(i,j) are less or equal to the corresponding entry in A.
Furthermore, the matrix rows and columns have to satisfy following conditions:

1. min(a(i,r),a(i,s))=[0,0,0,0,0,0] for every i,r,s such taht r<>s.
   min(a(r,j),a(s,j))=[0,0,0,0,0,0] for every i,r,s such taht r<>s.

In pdsolve and dsolve the answer contains  _C1  and  _F1  ( _C1 is arbitrary constant, _F1 is arbitrary function).

Instead of them I would like to obtain  [; c_1\quad F_1 ;].

How is it possible?

Thanks, Sandor

I am a new Maple user.  I am using Maple 12.

I often use search in maple help.  But I haven't found a way in the help system to locate a topic in the table of content according to the search results.

I mean:

Conduct a search with a keyword, such as 'MTM'.

Then look for the entries in the table of contents.


Anyway available? Thanks!

<p>I apologize if this seems quite basic, but that's the point where I am in learning about Maple.  I would like to define a function, take its derivative, plot it, divide it by its derivative, plot that result, etc...</p>
<p>For example: f(x) = a*x^2 + b*x + c</p>
<p>From what I've learned so far, I think I do this to define the function:</p>
<p>f := x -> a*x^2+b*x+c</p>
<p>I also seem to have learned that:</p>
<p>diff(f, x)</p>
<p>doesn't do what I want, but</p>
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