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I cannot insert a code edit region in a new document in maple 12. When I clicked Insert-> code edit region, nothing happened. But if I open a example document shiped with maple 12, I can insert a code edit region. What's the problem?
P := Matrix(51, 3): > R := 0.6e-1*(arctan(10*s/1.3+(-10)*.3)/Pi+1/2) ; y := evalf((-1)*0.6e-1*(arctan(10*s/1.3+(-10)*.3)/Pi+1/2)*cos(6*Pi*s/1.3)); > z := evalf(0.6e-1*(arctan(10*s/1.3+(-10)*.3)/Pi+1/2)*sin(6*Pi*s/1.3)); > for i from 1 to 51 do P[i, 1]:= evalf(Int(sqrt(1-((6*Pi/(1.3)*0.6e-1)*R(s))^2-(D(R))(s)^2), s = 0 .. 0.26e-1*i, 5, _Dexp)); end do; >for i from 1 to 51 do P[i, 2]:= y(0.26e-1*i); end do; >for i from to 51 do p[i, 3]:= z(0.26e-1*i) end do; I want paint the 3D-line by these points . what can I do? use plot3d(?) ?? Need help! Thank you!

Hello my name is Irving 

I'm a Maple primer. I want to solve an PDE numerically and then save the data to file.

  I used:
> restart;
> g:=0.2;
> PDE := diff(u(x,t),t,t) -diff(u(x,t),x,x) + g*diff(u(x,t),t) - 1/2*(u(x,t)-u(x,t)^3)=0 ;
> IBC := {u(x,0)= tanh(x),u(-15,t)= -1,u(15,t)= 1 ,D[2](u)(x,0)= -1/(cosh(x))^2};
> sol:= pdsolve(PDE,IBC,numeric,u(x,t));

 Then how can I print the formated data from pdsolve, in the following form: (three row)


I have a big prob:

I have to do a quite long calculation for a construction.

In order to be able to keep track I need to use variables with indices like xEngine, xGearbox, ...

But when I for example define x:=5, and later I want to use vx (describing velocity in x-direction) maple understands v5.

If I define vx as "atomic identifier" - what seemd to be the solution for my problem - I can not use the solve-function anymore. It just does not work anymore.



I was wondering if anyone knows how to do a summation over all positive integers up to N (where N is a parameter) excluding a finite subset of values.


For instance, how would I sum from 1 to N excluding 2,4,5?





I am uploading three files. They all do the same thing with slightly different datasets. files 29 and 27 obtain rasonable solutions, but 24 does not.

Could you help me figure out what the problem is and how such problems can be identified -- so that I can make the necessary changes to them.

I have the same problem with other datasets.


Download 2031_29.mws
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>P := array(1 .. 51, 1 .. 3); >y := (-1)*0.6e-1*(arctan(10*s/1.3+(-10)*.3)/Pi+1/2)*cos(6*Pi*s/1.3); >for i from 1 to 51 do p[i, 2] = y(0.26e-1*i; od; / 1.227772386 1\ p[1, 2] = -0.06 |- ----------- + -| cos(0.1200000000 Pi) \ Pi 2/ / 1.203622493 1\ p[2, 2] = -0.06 |- ----------- + -| cos(0.2400000000 Pi) \ Pi 2/

Here's another really basic question.  Its about using suboptions.  The MAPLE help file gives the following info:










I am trying to evaluate:

sin(pi*n)/(pi*n) assuming n::integer

Maple returns 0.

It seems to me that it really should not evaluate since it does not know if n=0 (where the correct result is 1) or not.

If it does evaluate, it should evaluate to a dirac function at n=0.







Greetings all I know I can get the odd numbers and even numbers using the following command

oddnum := seq(2*j+1, j = 0 .. 13);


evennum := seq(2*j, j = 0 .. 13);


How do I change the font on the labels of the horizontal axis of a plot ( I am not using the Interasctive Plot Builder)?



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hi all,


i have 10 question out of like a billion, that i am unable to do and would appreciate if someone was able to send me the maple coding they put in into classic worksheet format.


File is below.


 Download 8646_sample1.pdf
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> R := 0.6e-1*(arctan(10*s/1.3+(-10)*.3)/Pi+1/2) / /10 s \ \ |arctan|---- + (-10) 0.3| | | \1.3 / 1| s -> 0.06 |------------------------ + -| \ Pi 2/ > y := -R(s)*cos(6*Pi*s/1.3) > y(0.26); ???what can I do to get the result of y,when s=0.026 Need help from anyone! Thank you! liu

I have the following situation (related to the design of steel structures). Using Maple you compute for a given loading the minimum required section modulus (a cross-sectional property). With that value you enter the section data base (an EXCEL spreadsheet) find all candidate sections whose modulus equals or exceeds the minimum and select the correct one based on some criteria (e.g., weight which is also included in the spreadsheet). Right now this is done manually. Any way to have MAPLE do that for me?


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