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Coul anyone help with this question?


Your job is to test several forms of dampening coefficients to determine the ``best'' to use for safety
and comfort. You are to consider a modification of the harmonic motion differential equation
my"+ b(v) y'+ ky = 0

where m is the mass of the driver, k is the spring constant, and b(v) is the variable dampening coefficient.
For the first part of the problem, assume that m = k = 1. We will also be letting v = y' .

b(v)= v^4

Solve the ODE:

I have maple 12 and i am wondering how to approach a Newton's Method type problem. General help would be fine, but i m gonna supply a specific example that im interested in solving.


If anyone knows how to do this please respond as soon as possible, I am really having trouble with this

Does somebody have a sheet covering that algorithm for continous
anti-derivatives of rational functions (Bronstein's book §2.8
"Integration of transcendental functions")?

Or can show me, how to extract it from Maple's library in case
it is there (and I guess Maple covers that ...) for explicite



I am trying to change the variable in an integral and I have two problems with it:

My first problem is that I can't get the integrand of the new integral with GetIntegrand when I use IntegrationTools[Change] :




I have used Maples' least squares capability to fit quadratic & cubic models without any problems.  However, the documentation includes this curious statement: "One can also specify nonlinear curves -- as long as the unknown parameters appear linearly."  What does this mean?  What would nonlinear parameters look like?


Dear all:

    I am wondering if there is any way in Maple you can do prettyprint with the printf?  Printf gives me more power but the output format of printf is "C-style". For example,

f := exp(x) + 3*sqrt(exp(x));

f1 := subs(exp(x)=y,f);

printf("Transformation is %a s.t %a => %a\n", f,f1 );

gives a display which is very hard to read. Is there any way to do a prettyprint with this kind of things?




Hi all,

I have a function defined as a sum:

with(PDEtools): mfx:=(x,y,ufx)->sum(ufx[k]*(x-x[k])*(y-y[k]),k);

I want to declare mfx(x,y,ufx) so that it would appear as mfx in subsequent displays. However, when I tried


Maple tells me that "Error, (in PDEtools:-declare) cannot declare objects as sum(ufx[k]*(x-x[k])*(y-y[k]), k)".

How can I solve this problem?


I am trying to do a Bode plot of two functions. I have the dynamic systems package but when I call the routine Bodeplot no plot is generated. Why? I do have MapleSim but I wanted to use this package with MAPLE 12.01 only. Any ideas? Otherwise I will use MatLab. Thanks. David Parker

I am having a problem differentiating a function. I have a fluid in a channel with moving walls corresponding to y=a(t) (upper wall) and y=-a(t) (lower wall). The fluid is driven by suction out of the walls. The speed of the fluid being sucked out of the walls is the constant v_w. I am using the variable eta=y/a(t) to model the fluid. y is the normal direction to teh channel and x is the streamwise direction of the channel. So I have

x=streamwise direction of the channel

y=normal direction of the channel

a(t)=height of the channel


This is inspired by MapleTA, but applies to Maple in general.  According to the documentation, bitmap plot devices do not allow for font selection, meaning the recommended textplot(...,font=[SYMBOL]) fails to render greek characters such as π in plots which are rendered for embedding in web pages.  This seems like a gaping omission, so we're hoping we've just missed something here.  Is there any way to get the symbol for pi onto a jpeg or gif plot?

Hi all,

I have little (almost zero) experience with Maple. Nonetheless I wish to use Maple 8 to solve a set of 5 equations for 8 unknowns.

At the moment my strategy is to input each equation, make a set of the 5 equations, and then use the 'solve' command to determine the variables. I then refine the answer using 'allvalues' and 'evalf'. Is this the best approach?

Any help or guidance on this is greatly appreciated.

I'm a brand new user. 

Maple 12, Windows Vista, Integration Tutor.

When viewing the steps in the solution, Maple does it's own u-subs ("change of variable").  Is there any way to see what it is setting "u=?"?

It's very difficult to follow the steps when I can't tell what it's subbing out.

Also, within the same tutor, it doesn't seem to like to intigrate to infinity.  It tells me "...infinity should be a number."  ! ? ! ?


Thank you in advance.

Jim Z


I have an expression:


(x is real here)

I 'd like to write this epxression in the form of y=a*K+b*K^(2) with Maple using 10^(x/20)=K substitution.

I have tried it with subs and algsubs but they don't work here for me.

(Originally I had a more complicated expression of this type).

Thanks for your help in advance.

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