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I obtained the following result

> dsolve({diff(y(x), x, x)+e^x*(diff(y(x), x))+(1+x^2)*y(x) = 0, y(0) = 1, (D(y))(0) = 0}, y(x), series);
y(x) = 1-(1/2)*x^2+(1/6)*x^3+((1/12)*ln(e)-1/12)*x^4+O(x^5));

A procedure named curve(x) in the attached worksheet solves several equations, each dependent on the solution to the previous equation.  The problem is that when I issue the plot command for a range of the dependent variable x, the equation result that gets plotted is not for the result of the solution to the last equation for P.  Specifically, I would like to issue the "plot(curve,0.0..0.5, <other format commands>);" and get a plot of k vs. P.  Currently the plot is of k vs. P_bar.  Your comments are appreciated.

(1) Maybe the following problem is closely related to "An easily corrected limitation to symbolic derivatives in fsolve() when solving a system of equations" in TomM's blog.

(2) The problem: I would like to solve a set of equations with


      with the procedures

I was wondering - where has the list of "my subscriptions" gone?  Has this been removed with the recent forum upgrade?

I had quite a few of the threads I use for reference bookmarked there, but can no longer find any of them.  I see a "Recent posts" under my account navigation, but that seems match the list over to the right side of active topics.

Can someone help me with how to use Maple's DAE solvers? See the PDF file below with my attempt to solve a system of 2 differential and 1 algebraic equation. I can't go beyond the second solution (f2,p2). What does this error message below f3 line mean? If I start from the reset line again and skip f1,p1,f2,p2, then I can get solutions (f3,p3), and (f4,p4), but not in the sequence f1,p1,f2,p2,f3,p3,f4,p4. What am I doing wrong?


I need to copy and paste the output of maple (that usually are in blue color) into word. In fact I want them to be shown exactly in the same form that we can see in maple. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


I hope to plot two functions f1:=x^2 ,f2:=x; and color regions in the 2d plane where f1(x) <  f2(x).  The function plot is easy but I don't know how to plot and color regions in 2D. The only solution I can think of is to sample points and use PLOT(POLYGONS())......

Is there any other ( easier !! ) ways to do this?


I have this system:

This is a problem that happens with my linear algebra students and Maple every year, and I have no idea how to fix it. This is my first post so perhaps this has been discussed before. I have a 3x3 matrix: 27.6 30.2 162 3100 6400 23610 250 360 1623 When I use ReducedRowEchelonForm, the result is the identity matrix. But in fact the bottom row should zero out in the row-reduction process, and the reduced echelon form is supposed to be 1 0 3.9 0 1 1.8 0 0 0

I'm trying to plot a function whose value ranges from ~10^-10 to >1. Using plot with [mode=log] for the y-axis, I find that values below 10^-6 are not displayed. I couldn't find any mention in the help file about this. Is this a hard limit in Maple10?

I realize I can use logplot for this function, as well.

I'm a total novice in Maple. I need to work with operators for my Physical chemistry class but I don't know where to find the symbols for operators and how to work  with them  in Maple. In other words, I'm completely and totally lost. My  version of maple is 11.

Please help me,

 Gabriela Arias

<p>Hi. With the procedure below I want to evaluate the procedure 'OptEff' (which yields a pair of coordinates) for different values of one of the parameters 'delta', 'beta', 'r', 'alpha', 'm', where 'x' specifies which parameter in question, and I want the parameter to take the values given in 'x0'. I hoped that by 'for i in x0 do ...', I would be able to do this. However, all entries in L equals the first one, and corresponds to the first entry in 'x0'. I guess my use of 'subs' is not correct. Any help is appreciated.

Dear all:

   Maple help page says that POLYGONS() can only be used to plot convex polygons. I wonder how can I plot nonconvex polygons?

I tried a easy example

which gives me sth. very strange plot...... :(

Thanks in advance.


Hallo everybody,

I am using maple 8. what is the most efficient way for computing the x-values corresponding to local  maxima and minima of a piecewise polynomial in a single variable x (typically an output of the spline command) over a given interval? I´ve also got another question, how can I extract the individual polynomials from the output of a piecewise function to use them for further computations? Thanks

Hi, sometimes when I am using the command Nonlinearfit for a data file to a known model equation and four fitting parameters Maple give me this warning : warning, limiting number of major interations has been reached. any one can help and explain the meaning of this warning? thanks

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