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I am a newbie and this is the second post I am making. The previous follow-ups I received was very helpful and I appreciate it.

I am interested in using maple to derive derivatives of implicit functions. I have a function f(x,y) which I want to compute the gradients of it agaist r and theta. x and y are both functions of r and theta. I don't have a explicit form of f(x,y). My goal is to use this kind of operation to compute complicated higher order gradients of implicit functions so that I don't need to derive them by hand.

What is the best way to do this?



I am new to Maple. I am trying to solve a big integral, but I cannot solve it using Maple.


The problem boils down to this integral:

int(exp(x*cos(theta)+y*sin(theta)), theta=0..2*Pi)


The solution of this integral is:

2*Pi*BesselI(0, sqrt(x*x+y*y))


How can I get Maple to solve these integrals?

Hi my friends,

I want to write a command that applies the solutions of an equation in the same name in a procedure, for example the Maple solves the following equation

hi , i just downloaded maple12 student edition and the mathematics survival kit and installed both. everything worked fine-no problems with the activations. maple starts correctly but how do i use the msk ?

thanks and greetings

I am wondering if it is possible to exectute the "Action when Clicked" of a button component from other components.  Essentially what I want is a virtual button press.  I realize that I could just put all of the commands for my update button in every component I am using, but for my particular code, that is very tedious.  My update button has several hundred lines of code and I would like to rerun the whole code in that button when any of about 20 other combo boxes or text boxes are changed.  I'd prefer not to cut and past a whole block of stuff 20 times every

Not sure why I'm getting this error.  2^56^89 = Error, numeric exception: overflow.

If I include brackets (2^56)^89 it works fine. 

I suppose it has something to do with some of the quirks that maple has. 


Hello, I need make procedure for following instance. I want enter only: v, phi, sirka, k

Thank you...



v := 4;

phi := 1/3*Pi;

sirka := 10;

k := .2;

eq1 := diff(x(t), t) = v*cos(phi):

eq2 := diff(y(t), t) = -v*sin(phi)+k*x(t)*(sirka-x(t)):

sys := [eq1, eq2]:

Can anyone please help a novice?

I am trying to acquire eigenvalues from a matrix over a range of values of "k" and then plot the eigenvalue points on a graph. Can any one help with the code? Especially for the do loop and plotting the graph.

Here is my matrix:

C:=linalg[matrix](2, 2, [9*(1-k), 4*k, -4*k, 2*(1-k)]);

I am a fan of using dot charts as opposed to bar charts (R and S users are familiar with these - it is like a horizontal bar chart only there is a dot plotted where the end of the bar would be,  for an example see  I figure Maple is flexible enough so that I could program a function to do this but maybe it is already there or someone else has already done this and I just don't know how to find it.


I got the space curve r=cos(t)i+2tj+sint(t)k and t =(3pi/4)

and i should show the space curve and derivative of r and osculating sphere and osculating plane and osculating circle in

one graph. I know about derivative and display method in maple 11 and knows how to compute into graph

but i am now sure about oscualting sphere, plane, and circle.

Please some one show me how to plot and graph osculating sphere, plane and circle in one graph!


Hey guys, I'm having a hard time with this question my professor assigned to my class.


Here it is:

The temperature on a metal plate is given by T(x,y) = 4x^2 - 4xy + y^2.  AN ant walks around the origin along the circle of radius 5 centered at the origin.  What are the highest and lowest temperatures encountered by the ant? Plot the temperature function and the points of highest and lowest temperatures together on one plot.


I would appreaciate any help.

Is there any way to put the Advanced Engineering Mathematics ebook into a menu on Maple?

After installation I thought it would have to put itself into a menu and be accessible that way or at least under the help file heading, I can't find it in any menu.  The only way I can load the thing is to go to the folder it was installed and load the Table of contents file, or drag it into maple, or do the normal open file ... search for it ... then open. 

If anyone can advise me about how to create the tool that I describe below, that would be great. I am a novice to Maple and object-oriented programming, but I can program in C and I suspect that I can write a Maplet, if that is indeed the best way to achieve my goal. This is what I want to do.

How can I tell to Maple that the sum: Sum(v(n)*S(n),n=1..N) where S(n+1) = S(n) + xi(n+1) can be rewritten as: Sum(x(n)*xi(n),n=1..N) where x(n)=Sum(v(k),k=n..N) ? thanks
hi, would appreciate some help in checking limit series in Maple using d'Alembert's test for convergence (if it's possible). the only limits I can get in Maple is either ∞ or 0 (and I need to be more specific). thanx a lot!
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