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I would like to calculate int( 1/Pi*s^s*(1-s)^(1-s)*sin(Pi*s),s=0..1), but I don't know how do this by Maple. Thanks, Sandor
hi everyone i wanted to know if maple 11 can show the steps in which the solution was reached? for example to find the antiderivative of f(x) = e^(4*x)+e^(-4*x) is there anyway to make Maple 11 to actually show the steps taken to reach the solution instead of just seeing the solution. it'll help me a lot better with understanding things and finding my way around some problems. thanx in advance
I'm new to Maple, and I was hoping someone could help me! I have a formula for a hyperbola, 9x^2-y^2-72x+8y+119=0, and it states to find the standard form. The standard form is supposed to be two fractions that are set equal to 1. I have Maple 10, and the only thing I've been able to find so far has been to select "apply a command" from the context menu and type in "completesquare", but either I'm missing a step, or I'm doing something incorrectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
Hello, everybody,

I am trying to put on the same graph several sets of inequalities and to color them differently (that is, to have several areas in different colors).
I am using inequal (see below), and the color of optionsexcluded of the first set of inequalities colors all the rest. I tried to make it transparent but could not (white does not work).

area1 := inequal({x>=0,y>=0,x+y<=0.5},x=0..1,y=0..1):
area2 := inequal({x<=1,y<=1,x+y>=1.5},x=0..1,y=0..1):

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Hi I am having a problem with the output of my proc file. I wrote a proc as follows: Energy:=proc(n) local x,y,..; . . . . . plots[listdensityplot](H, labels=[Energy, Magnetisation]); W:=T->add(add(N[a,b]*b^2*exp(-a/(k*T)),a=Emin..Emax),b=Mmin..Mmax)/add(add(N[a,b]*exp(-a/(k*T)), a=Emin..Emax), b=Mmin..Mmax) plot(W(T)/n^4,T=0..5, labels=[Temperature, "
Hi everyone, I am trying to understand how to use Maple to generate a C code. I started with the help and I read it several times but still I think I didn't get it all. The function I am working with is, with(CodeGeneration); A = proc (k) local mysum; declare = [mysum::numeric, k::integer]; for k from 1 by 1 to 10 do mysum := 1+2*k end do; end proc: C(A) But the result I am getting is [C, Fortran, IntermediateCode, Java, LanguageDefinition, Matlab, Names, Save, Translate, VisualBasic] cg0 = A; Without any generated code. So if anyone could suggest anything I will be appreciating.
Two questions, please excuse the sloppy explanations - FIRST: If I do the followig: myArray := array(1 .. 5): myArray[1] := 4 myArray[3] := 5 How do I find out which elements in the array are empty? I can't seem to get something like IsZero to work for this even if I load ArrayTools and use Array instead. For example something like: for i from 1 to 5 do if myArray[3] is !empty then print(myArray[i: end if od SECOND: Is there a way to dynamically resize an array? For example, to make something like the following work, starting with an array with a single element: myIndex:=0
Hi, I am having a problem running nested loops on Mac. The task is: Let a,b,c be logical statements, each of which can take the value true or false. I need to write a Maple program which shows the value (true or false) of the statement: (a and not(b)) or (b and not(c)). the program is: for a in [true, false] do for b in [true, false] do for c in [true, false] do print(a, b, c, evalb((a and not(b)) or (b or not c)))); end do; end do; end do; When I run is in Windows, the output is: true, true, true, true true, true, false, true true, false, true, true true, false, false, true
Hello everybody, I guess this is a pretty basic question but couldn't find how to do it ... So I have some functions that I would like to plot with n as a variable and putting some fix values for the other parameters. So for instance I have below functions : [IMG][/IMG] And I would like to plot them on the same diagram with n ranging from 1 to 20, C=100, e=1, and h=2.8 How do I do that ? :?
Hi I want to create different functions using a loop. > for n from 1 to 3 do f:=x^n end do: > plot(f,x); Now i see 3 different graphs, but I'd really like to have them all 3 in one. Is this possible? Koen
Hello Maple Users, Excuse me if this appears twice (computer illiterate). I am using Maple 11 in the standard worksheet interface in text (not document) mode, and wish to insert graphs (previously plotted) into the text region, then click below the graph and continue in text mode; it is important the flow of argument with text, graph, text, is maintained. In the Classic worksheet this can be done, but not, it appears, in the standard worksheet. Can anyone help? Thank you. Sincerely, A. Kirfoot.
I read and re-read the manual on using spell check but can not get it to work. For example, I open maple to a fresh worksheet, and at the prompt type in now is the qoittja. Then I go to tools and select spell chek. Instantly I get a small popup message that says spell check complete but it didn't find the obvious mistake (quoittja is not a word). What in the world is going on here? How do I use spell check? Could you offer an example please? Thanks.
I have written a loop that should create an array, but because I am solving a polynomial both solutions are given in the array. Is there a way to just select out the positive root so that I can plot with this array later? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nick
Hello, I am working on a problem that I cannot solve for several days. Any help is welcomed :) I have a differential equation y''(x) = a * y'(x) + b * y(x) + c I have two vectors X = (x1, ..., xn) and Z = (z1, ..., zn) y(x1) = z1 y(xm)=zm I have to solve the problem by determining the 'a', 'b' and 'c' by using least square method. I am trying to use dsolve to get a solution of the differential equation and then the Optimization package to use the least square method, but I cannot get it right. Thank you very much for any help.
How can I create a 3D images in Maple 11 without entering any expression?Is it by using the new drawing tools?
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