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Hi, as I did not receive a response to my first post I renew it with more details. I use Maple10 for Prof. under the operating system XP pro. My Maple is out of order because my "kernel connection is not available" and Maple is closed by "mserver.exe"; yet my firewalls are stopped when I open Maple. Before this problem Maple did'nt find the dll:"libgmp-3.dll". I reinstalled Maple but the problem is the same. What can I do? Thanks
Hi there, I am trying to show/color the region which satisfies some inequality, say x^2+y^2
I am a new-to-ubuntu (edubuntu) user, wondering, which version of maple should I purchase to install? SuSE? Mandrake? Hmm, I'm going to qualify my inability to find the answer own my own with, "i tried really hard to do it on my own teach." Thanks in advance.
This may be a very easy question to answer. But I can't get maple to plot a function. What I need is a 3D plot of: v2 vs epsilon vs r With the variable k varying between 1 and 2, and r varying between 1 and 250. but every time I try to plot, the program gives an error "Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct". But if you manually calculate v2 and epsilon using the values given, they wrk out fine. I'm sure I'm just not doing something right but I can't seem to figure out what.

What if, for display purposes, you wish the output of an execution group to look exactly a certain way. For example, I am trying to get the output to look exactly like Maple Equation
The use of single quotes doesn't seem to do the trick.

> Maple Equation

Hi every body,
I am new in Maple, I am intend to use Maple in order to check the satisfiability of linear inequalities system which mean to determine of there is exist a solution for a set of linear inequalities system. For example for:
x>=2y, x<=2y, x=y, x>0, y>0
there is no solution. I use this in my thesis research (Actually nequalities system represnt the constraints of my system)
How can I use Maple for this issue? can any one give me an example for the above constraints? Thanks in advanced
Is there a way to graphically represent variations of the Dirac Delta Function ? Specifically the function represented by the sum: Abs(b)*Sum(Dirac(x-i), i = -inf..inf); Thanks, Dan
hi; using the fsolve command i got a set of tuples (w[1] and w[2]) which i now want to use for further calculations to obtain the values of G[1] and G[2]. the aim is then to use those quadruples (w[1], w[2], G[1], G[2]) to come up with a neat graph for omega. the file can be found via the attached link. thanks View 1682_cp on MapleNet or Download 1682_cp
View file det
Hi The code below prints out (x-1)*(x-2) with an asterisk for the multiplication symbol. I would like it to print out z without this sign. Any ideas please on how to do this. Maple input restart: interface(prettyprint=3): printlevel:=1: a:=1:b:=-3:c:=2: y:=a*x^2+b*x+c: z:=factor(y); printf("%A\n",z); Maple output z := (x - 1) (x - 2) (x-1)*(x-2)
I have had trouble figuring out how to specify initial and boundary conditions in pdsolve. I've tried using the syntax for dsolve, but without any success. I've also looked over the help page for the command but I can't seem to find any examples that illustrate this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Keenan
I am trying to plot the function: exp(-pi*((y-3)/(1/3))^2). what I input is plot(%(the preceding function), y = -10..10); , but all I get is the error messages, (Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct) (Error, empty plot) can someone please help ? thanks, Dan
Hello, I am trying to follow the example in the MAPLE10 User Manual, pg. 248. I have created the file, which I just uploaded. As far as I can tell, my file is identical to what is shown on pg. 248. The Manual says 4. Select the entire area (text and math content) to format. 5. From the Format menu, select Create Document Block. I select the entire area, then I go to the Format menu, and I find that the option 'Create Document Block' is greyed out - that is, it is unavailable. In fact, that option only seems to be available when nothing is selected. Could it be that there is an error in the Manual here?
Hi, I am trying to use fsolve to find the roots of p non-linear equations. These vary from 2 dimensional to, so far, 5 dimensional. I'm really trying to minimize the log likelihood of an ARCH time series: L := (t) -> 1/2*T*log(2*Pi)+1/2*Sum(log(h(t)),t = p .. T)+1/2*Sum(y[t]^2/h(t),t = p .. T): where h := (t) -> alpha[1] + alpha[2]*y[t-1]^2 + alpha[3]*y[t-2]^2 ... + alpha[p]*u[y-p]^2: and y[t] are observed data. I've used the p partial derivatives to solve for dL/dalpha=0 using fsolve and intervals alpha=0..1. Occasionally, it works fine and estimates the parameter vector alpha reasonably. However, sometimes it takes about 30-60 seconds and just returns the equation and no answer:
I am a starter of the maple, now i have a problem of the equation of convert. the equation is like that: D(x1):=a1*fx+a2*gx-alpha*Ab; need a commend to convert equation gx:=...... but i don't know which commend can i apply in the Maple?
Hello Everyone:

I currently use Maple in my college algebra course. One of the topcis discussed in the class is how to solve and graph compound linear inequalities. For example, sketch the graph of

3-x<y+2 or x>y+5

Is Maple even capable to generating the graph of this type of problem?

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