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My question is: (Frent Analysis)
I have this vector function S:=t-> <t^3,3*t,t^4>
I got S(1) wich is <1,3,1>
Also, I got TNBFrame(s(t),t);
and tnb1:=eval(%,t=1) for t=1
I got the Normal Vectot N, Binormal Vector B,the curvature(s(t),t), and curv:=eval(%,t=1);

the radius is rc:=1/curv;

the question:
Armed with this knowledge, use Maple to find the equation of the osculation circle to the curve s(t) at t=1. Plot the curve and the osculation circle on the same plot. Also, plot the three vectors, T,N, and B, at the point s(1), with different colors, at the same plot as the curve and the circle.
Hi, I am trying to solve these 6 equations with 6 unknowns. Unfortunately, "fsolve" does not give numerical results. Please let me know if there are other commands that I can use. I am using Maple 10.06 (Build ID 255401). restart; C := 2; TY := .9; Y := Vector(1 .. C, TY/C); TM := 1; DL := 5; eq1 := X1 = (Y[1]+Z2)/TM; eq2 := X2 = (Y[2]-Z2)/M2; TX := X1+X2; eq3 := M2 = (1-X1)*TM+X1/(1/TM+W1); W0 := Y[1]/TM^2+Y[2]/M2^2; EF := W0/(1-TX); eq4 := W2 = EF+X1*min(W2, DL); eq5 := W1 = (TX*EF-X2*W2)/X1; eq6 := Z2 = Y[2]*max(0, W2-DL)/W2; fsolve({eq2, eq5, eq1, eq3, eq6, eq4}, {M2, X1, X2, Z2, W1, W2});
I am trying to get "contourplot" to label the curves it produces. Is this possible? How? An associated question: Can I force the values at which the level curves (contours) are produced, e.g., show the contours for f(x,y) = 5, 10, 15, and 20. Thanks for your help. Tom
I have these equations.
Maple, Mathematica, and many other CAS define indefinite integral up to piecewise constants. That means, in particular, that the integral of a continuous function can be discontinuous. In many cases that can be easily fixed, such as for integrals involving floor(x) and frac(x). However, it has not been done neither in Maple nor in Mathematica. Here is another example, suggested by David W. Cantrell

I'm continuing to work on my Maplet with the question bank, and can succesfully read in files outside of the Maplet using the readline command and parse. However, this is limiting in the fact that the user has to type in the name of the file in a Maple command line. I would like to use the FileDialog to have them select the file with the questions and answers. It's easy to use RunDialog with to run the FileDialog, but once they've selected the file, how can I assign that "string," say, ["E:\questionbank.txt"] to a variable that I can use outside of the actual Maplet code? I need to throw it to the readline procedure I created so it can read each line and parse them, etc.

Maple Equation

What's the simplest MAPLE command that would change

Maple Equation


Maple Equation

Maple Equation

I have following expression.
There is one for yhat under "Roman Extended Lower Case", but for some reason there isn't one for x. Why is that the case? Am I missing something? Problably so. Please help. Thanks much.
Hallo, with "textplot" one can get a horizontal text. Can man get an inclined text also, for example, along an vertical line? thanks jahn
I am a new user of Maple. Please tell me, why Maple can't sort : 1+sqrt(3) and 1-sqrt(3) ? Thankyou !
Im trying to author a maplet which executes numerical integration on a function for an interval. Here is what I have so far. This is a the part of the assignment that didn't require maplet format. (This part I got to work) restart; a:= 1; b := 3; f:=x->100/x^2*sin(10/x); L:=[];# which is list of lists ListOfEndPts:=[b]; found := false; MaxNoPasses:=70; tolerance:=1.0e-4; simpAB:=evalf(student[simpson](f(x),x=a..b,2));app:=0; for PassNo from 1 to MaxNoPasses while not found do print("**********************************************"); middle := (a+b)/2.0: print(`Pass number` = PassNo);
Hello Is there any possibility to check how long solve will need for a solution? I have to solve a littlebit complex equation set, so solve seems to need a little longer than usual. In my case I have tryed it for about 2 hours .. than I had to turn of my notebook. If it would be possible to check if solve would work for month, weeks, days or hours it would be a great help. us rene
Hi. I tried to solve some excersices but with this one I've got a little problem. I was asked to calculate the area of a circlesegment with radius R and midpointcorner 2*alpha. I have chosen the straigt side of the circlesegment to be parallel with the y axis.

I get these formulas in polarco├Ârdinates.

alpha R
/ /
| |
oppp := | | | r | dr dtheta
| |
/ /
Hi, I've solved a system of nonlinear equations by hand, but I'm not sure if my answer is correct. I would like to verify my results with maple's output. However, I am having some trouble using maple: Here's my code: > eq1:=2*(x*r) + 2*(y*s) + 2*(z*t)-(t^2) + (r^2)=0: > eq2:=3*(x*(r^2)) + 3*(y*(s^2)) + 3*(z*(t^2))-(t^3)+(r^3) =0: > eq3:=4*(x*(r^3)) + 4*(y*(s^3)) + 4*(z*(t^3))-(t^4)+(r^4)=0: > fsolve({eq1, eq2, eq3}); Error, (in fsolve) number of equations, 3, does not match number of variables, 6 where r, s, and t are coefficients/constants and x, y, and z are variables.
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