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In linear algebra multiplication of a scalar and a matrix can change order: aM=Ma, where a is a scalar and M is a r by c matrix. In case of four matrices K,L,M,N the product KLMN is the same as LMNK if the product LMN is a scalar. However, Maple does not allow the forementioned change of order, because the program only checks whether adjacent matrices are conformable. How can this change of order be done in Maple? The issue is that I want to check my work using Maple. TIA Harry ps. is there a brief notation in Maple for scalar by matrix multiplication?
I would like to know how do I find the area under a curve. The curve is 2 D and the data to plot the curve is available. Thanks you

I have only one question, how could I plot the following function correctly?

> f:=x->piecewise(x<-1,1,x=0,2,1);

f := x -> piecewise(x < -1,1,x = 0,2,1)

I try this command but I do not reach the correct result.

> plot(f,-3..3, style=point,discont=true,numpoints=100);

[Maple Plot]

hello! i have a problem that drives me crazy the last days. i'm a switcher from windows to mac and i can't live without maple. but when i want to superscript for example x^2 in maple it shows me x ^ 2, so i can't solve a function that easily, because the superscript isn't accepted. but when i copy the caret out of an predesigned example it works fine. do you can tell me how i have to set my preferences that it works as easy as it does on windows? i hope you understand my problem and i hope that you can excuse my bad english! with kind regards, max pfister

This is a quick programming exercise to correct the following problem in Maple:

for n from 8 to 12 do 
  A := Matrix(2^n, 2^n, storage='sparse'):  # zero matrix
  print( 2^n, time(LinearAlgebra:-Transpose(A)) );
end do:

The problem is that the LinearAlgebra:-Transpose command is not sparse. That is, the time it takes is proportional to the overall size of the matrix and not to the number of non-zero entries - even when your matrix uses sparse storage. In this post we will look at what is required to program a new Transpose command which can handle much larger matrices.

I need to find the trace of a matrix A. What is the command for that? I can't find it in maple's help. (I'm using Maple10 if that changes the answer) Thank you!
I am using the solve command in a proc to solve some simple equations. Is there an easy way of determining if the solution is an imaginary number? (basically I only want real solutions... sometimes the solutions will be in the form of a=b+1, i.e. in terms of another variable, and sometimes it will just be some number... once getting the solutions using something like ans:=solve(eqn,{vars}), how can I determine what type it is? JM
Trying to use Maple to perform some trigonometric transformations, I found a good introduction to Maple: MCS 320: Introduction to Symbolic Computation of the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science @ the University of Illinois at Chicago. It have some lines about the Maple function, which give that kind of informations:
>> trigsub(cos(2*x));
[cos(2*x), cos(-2*x), 2*cos(x)^2-1, 1-2*sin(x)^2, cos(x)^2-sin(x)^2, 1/sec(2*x), 1/sec(-2*x), 
(1-tan(x)^2)/(1+tan(x)^2), 1/2*exp(2*i*x)+1/2*exp(-2*i*x)]
How do i find a background curve to a graph, i have data fitted with a spline and i need to find the background curve
For example, I type in standard F=ma 5 kg * 1 m/ s^2 Maple 10 spits this back after the = as 5kg*m/s^2 rather than the more common 5 kg*m/s^2 with the divisor sign half way down the 5. And what I really want is to be able to ask for any compatible units, in this case, N for Newtons, and have N replace kg*m/s^2. I notice that there is a new [[]] format for units. When I use them, they appear in my document, not all what I'd expect. Thanks much, Rich
I'd like to have the ability to change, say, 12345.678 to Engineering 12.345E+03 12.345x10^3 Scientific 1.234E+04 1.23456x10^4 General/decimal 12345.6 fraction of varying size Are these possible? I have tried with no success... Thanks, Rich
I haven't been to mapleprimes for awhile and noticed that the "convert worksheet" option is no longer available. Are the "file manager" and "upload file" options very different from the previous worksheet converter, and are they also any more difficult ?
Can Maple 10 be used to determine if the universal or existential closure of predicate logic sentences that may or may not contain quantifiers is valid ? For example, does the tautology, equivalent and other functions of the Logic package only apply to propositional sentences ? dc
I am new to Maple 10, but have used other products for years. I tried v10 because the Maple website indicated that there was a great deal of flexibility in formatting pages. It seems to me, after a few days experimenting, that I cannot do more than put every thing in the middle of the page. Is this true? If not, is there a demo v10 sheet w/ instructions that shows how to do this? I can attach a pdf file of what I am interested in from Mathcad. Thanks much, Rich
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