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Hello all, I want to turn the following piece of code into a function of sorts by wrapping it in a proc. When I attempt to do so exactly as given in the below sample, 2 error messages are returned: The first is an 'Error, unterminated procedure' and the second 'Error, unable to parse'. > restart; with(LinearAlgebra); > func:=proc(params,a,b) eta_f:=params[1]: eta_s:=params[2]: eta_w:=params[3]: eta_int:=params[4]: omega:=params[5]: G:= params[6]: u[0]:= params[7]: params[7]: n:=a+b: Arand:=RandomMatrix(n,n):A:= Arand-Arand: end proc; To state my problem in it's completeness; For simplicity I have only included an excerpt of my full input - which runs fine before the introduction of 'proc' - but I encounter identical problems to that outlined above throughout. As such I assume a solution to the above excerpt can be applied generally.
I want to evaluate the limit as sigma=0 of the integral from -infinity to +infinity of V(t)*f(t) where f(.) is the normal density. I think that I must obtain V(mu) but I only get: "lim sigma->inf of integral etc etc. " The "commands" that I did use are: restart; > MyFunc1:=(t,sigma,mu)->int(V(t)*1/2*2^(1/2)/Pi^(1/2)/sigma*exp(-1/2*(t-mu)^2/sigma^2), t=-infinity..+infinity); >limit(MyFunc1(t,sigma, mu), sigma=0); Probably I am doing something wrong, because I am almost sure that MAPLE can do it. Could somebody please point my mistake or suggest any hint? Thanks a lot. JV
int((4*x-3)^3, dx) Tried to use Maple straight away to integrate the above. As it turned ou the answer was wrong.Does this mean that I have to solve it by way of substition Curious
Hi everyone, First things first, I really enjoy reading this forum and have found it quite helpful; kudos to the experts who make this a very valuable resource. That being said I've been using MAPLE 10 since its release and recently began working in the Worksheet mode rather than the Document mode - the benefits of which have been mentioned in previous topics and explains my shift. This has lead me to a problem which makes no sense to me and I could use a little help on. Essentially I have a list of values acquired from a strain gage signal (non-integer floats) and wish to select a value within the list closest to 10,000, retrieve the associated index for it and create a new list up to that value for further calculations. Here is the input (SG1 is my list):
I uploaded a code intended to create a step by step solution to find the area of a triangle, starting with the formula, substitution, and evaluation of that statement. However the value of b[3], the evaluation part, is placed infront of the statement instead of the last statement. I have been looking at the code for weeks but I get no where. Maybe a second eye will see what is wrong with the code. View on MapleNet or Download
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What is the command which returns the length of a list? i.e. length of [1,2,3] is 3 ? More importantly, please tell me where in the help menu this command is listed. Thank you.
Hello! I have the following PDE: PDE := { diff(alpha[1](u, v), u) = -I*exp(I*u)*beta[1](u, v), diff(alpha[1](u, v), v) = -I*exp(-I*v)*beta[2](u, v), diff(alpha[2](u, v), u) = I*exp(-I*u)*beta[2](u, v), diff(alpha[2](u, v), v) = -I*exp(I*v)*beta[1](u, v), diff(beta[1](u, v), u) = (1/8*(I*exp(-I*v)*alpha[2](u, v)+(2*I)*beta[1](u, v)+(2*I)*exp(-I*(v+u))*beta[2](u, v)))*(a-1)-(1/8*(-I*exp(-I*u)*alpha[1](u, v)-(2*I)*beta[1](u, v)+(2*I)*exp(-I*(v+u))*beta[2](u, v)))*b, diff(beta[1](u, v), v) = (1/8*(I*exp(-I*u)*alpha[1](u, v)+(2*I)*beta[1](u, v)-(2*I)*exp(-I*(v+u))*beta[2](u, v)))*(a-1)-(1/8*(I*exp(-I*v)*alpha[2](u, v)+(2*I)*beta[1](u, v)+(2*I)*exp(-I*(v+u))*beta[2](u, v)))*b,
How do I, with Maple, differentiate the following y = (x- 1)^2/x Curious
Hi I wish to thank all those who generously helped me with my last prob. Now I have another. These are mainly related to the use of Maple with the application in question. How do I use Maple to differentiate the following: A=pi.r^2. I am not doing homework. I can do it without MAPLE. However I want to master Maple. Never used it before. The answer I get with Maple is different to the one I get myself: 2pi.r Curious Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the File Manager
How do I format a variable with the superscript bar over the variable?

Maple 11.00, Standard GUI, worksheet mode.


It's magic. The LEGEND() call is present in the PLOT structure, but it doesn't get displayed.


Hi, I'm trying to do a piechart. the following code generates one alright but I have no idea how I can make the labels be outside instead of inside the piechart. any ideas?? with(Statistics); PieChart([England = 341, Spain = 237, Germany = 93, France = 91, Unknown = 56, Wales = 40, Ireland = 39, Sweden = 35, Russia = 31, Other = 244], color = orange .. green); thanks Antje
Does anyone know a way to get Maple to take advantage of the type of matrix you are giving it? I have a block toeplitz matrix and am using Maple to find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Thanks in advance :D
I am trying to plot an equation containing special functions - namely, elliptic integrals. The goal is to plot equation (16) of the attached file. Any suggestions/guidance is appreciated. View on MapleNet or Download
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I was wondering if Maple can read an inputfile the way tecplot can, or at least plot a huge list of coordinates WITHOUT using the pointplot command (it will take me to long to put all of my coordinates in pointplot's correct input format). I have a list of about 5000 coordinates (x and y) and I want to see y vs x in a 2D graph. Any help is GREATLY appreciated Thanks.
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