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I want to call a procedure or function by clicking a button. How to call a procedure from Maplet Builder: Evaluate -> function? And where I have to write this procedure: to save it - in Maple 10 worksheet like file *.m in the same folder where file *.maplet is?
I am converting a complex worksheet from linalg to LinearAlgebra, and discovered what is to me a serious problem. With linalg, one could use the basis(A,colspace) command to give a basis of the column space consisting of columns from the original matrix, guaranteed to be in the order in which they appear in the matrix. This is useful in extending a spanning set of a vector space to a basis of a larger space, and allows one to determine exactly which new vectors need to be added. However, the ColumnSpace(A) command in LinearAlgebra does something quite different. It gives a basis of the column space which does not preserve this order, and does not even use the original vectors.
I have two matrices, and I want Maple to test and see whether they are different to each other (as part of a for to while loop -i.e. it will keep looping until the matrices are the same). However, even when they are identical, it returns a value of true to evalb(A <> B). What can I do?
hi everybody, I tried to install Maple 10 on my AMD64 Athlon 3200+ (running with Fedora Core 4 64bit Kernel 2.6.15-1.1831_FC4). Well, the installer worked just fine, except the activation - unable to determine Host ID. So I activated Maple offline. After the installing, the first problem I had to handle with was the "read only" mode off all installed executables - I think I changed the mod off all executables in the maple 10 folder... Now I was able to run the command line mode of maple. But I am still not able to run Maple in X11 mode - when entering ./maple -x or ./xmaple nothing happens, no error - nothing. Since Maple is working in the commandline mode, I assume that it has to do with java somehow. Well, I am not really an experienced Linux user, but I installed jdk-1.5.0-06, hoping it will solve the problem, without success :-( . I now that Fedora Core 4 is not supported, but I don't see why Maple should not work properly here if it does with redhat. Well, it would be really great if somebody has a solution to this problem.
When I try to run this particular programme, it pops up and tells me "Clarify Expression" - "Parts of the expression are ambiguous. Please select one of the suggested meanings." However, before the suggested meanings it quotes the line of programming that this happened on. When I made the programme, I did it line by line, so I know what the suggested options are, and which one I want. However, now the line of programming is such a big block of text that the window goes completely off screen. There's no way to resize it, and I can't move it high enough to see the options. What can I do?
I have installed Maple 10 Build 190196 and I wish to retain the settings and preferencess of Maple 9.51 Build 963582. Which files should I retain from Maple 9.51 before I uninstall it? Where should I place them to retain the 9.5 settings in 10? Thanks, Bill
I have the fuction F/sqrt(m^2*(omega^2-omega_0^2)^2+b^2*omega^2 and i need to fit data to it using the LSSolve command, i have no idea how to do this any help would be much appriciated. thanks.
I would like to hyperlink or insert acces to other program files. I can do this in MS Work and Scientific Notebook. Ex. I can execute Vpython simulations, audio files, saved web pages, etc. Thanks
Hi, can you advise how I can draw geometry objects like circle, triangles, polygons, angles in triangles, etc accurately -- I need the gepmetric shapes to be to-scale -- in other words, if I need an angle at 50-degrees, I don't wish to eye-ball it, but I really need it to be 50-degrees. Thanks!
Hello, i'm a father and my son is at school, he asked me if I could give him some help on his maple project. He has to write a pascals triangle using List, is there anyone who can help.Thanks, Ronald.
Hi, I would like to find the critical points of a formula like: f(x,y)= 5e^((-x^3)-xy/3-y^2/3)cos x cos y But I don't know how to do it, can someone help me? regards, Patrick
Hello Memebrs, I want to write a code in Matlab, that will find a best fit. I have 4 columns of values. The Red, Green and blue values and in the fourth column the temperature values. I want matlab to intelligently find me the best corelation between the RGB values and Temperature. Any pointers as to how i can go about doing this. Ofcourse the main goal is to get the best fit with minimum error. Thanks in advance.. (here is some raw data, it that could help) 17 13 28 380 15 10 28 386 25 14 40 392 17 13 38 398 9 8 23 404 3 2 7 411 7 9 19 418 10 12 21 426 3 4 13 434 0 0 6 442
This problem agonize me for a long timeand i cant to solve it. For example, in one TextField in maplet i want to insert e.g. "0" and in second TextBox to get result of e.g. cos(0) apropos "1". But i get cos(0). I was try to solve this with eval, evaln and evalf command but nothing get. Won't to insert number in one TextField and to calculate e.g. cos() in other TextBox. Someone know how to? program: restart; Calc:= proc() global theta: cos(theta); end proc: with(Maplets[Elements]): DKP:= Maplet(onstartup = A0, Window[W1](title="DKP", [TextField[theta](),TextField[result](),
How can I create a menu with Maplet Builder?
I need to plot the taylor polynomials of sin(x) up to degree 7, i know the functions and i inserted this command: plot({f-g+h, f, f-g+h-i, f-g, sin(x)}, x = -Pi .. Pi, y = -2 .. 2, title = "Taylor Polynomials of Sin(x)") where f g h and i are simple taylor polynomials. Now my question is i need to label the graphs, i tried using legend="..." but i get the error: Error, (in plot) the legend option cannot be used when ploting a set of objects so how would i do this? any help is appreciated
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