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A few days ago my Windows 10 (32 bit) operating system did an update of my Excel 2016. Since that moment I get following message:

However the addin toolbar is still present and WMIMPLEX.xla file is also still present. Removing and reinstalling the addin did not help. So I am wondering what other solutions could be done.

Aside of this I would like to ask some help for the correct syntax in Thermodynamics package calculating water vapor pressure. For one or another reason I do not succeed to find the correct syntax to obtain the water vapor pressure at 24°C.

Thank you in advance for any help

From a tweet by Tamás Görbe : plotting Chebyshev polynomials in polar coordinates leads to some interesting pictures.  Screenshot here, link to the worksheet (and some perhaps interesting puzzles) at the end.


I want to add a  degree symbol (°) in my  plot Triangle 2 ( for example 100°  )

Ideas ?


Dear Useres!

Hope everyone is fine here! I want to compare the coeficient of exp(k*eta[3]+m*eta[1]+n*eta[2]) for k=0,1,2,3,...,N,n=0,1,2,3,...,N and m=0,1,2,3,...,N for N=10 in the following attached file. But I got some error, please have a look and try to fix it as early as possible. Please take care and thanks

This is a just a general type question. Often reading questions posted to do with modules and packages I see "foo" used. I have put together some simple packages for routines I find useful. I am week in general programming knowledge. I would like to know is "foo" something special or a generic name used for testing? Is is an acronym? ...

hello how do i use bracekt for several lines, like in this picture I need to write this in maple.

i already know how to setup matrices for nX1 or 1Xn (as in vector) or multiples such as

nXn (square matrice) or nXm (a none square matrice)

I also know that we have this premade "sketch"

but I need for several line and some times I need on the right side and some time I need on the left side.

but rarely on both sides (and if I need on both side I will just use a matrice)

can you help me


regards OrbitA

Hello, i stumbled across a function that does not want to plot regularly.

The translation: The tension U(t) (in volts) measured across a resistance in a electric circuit is given by U(t)=cos(2t)*U*e^t/10.

a. Plot the graph of y=U(t)
b.Calculate the limit t->infinity and acquire the horizontal asymtote of the graph of y=U(t). 
c. Calculate the intersecting points of the graph of U with horizontal asymptote (dont ask me how, while how can a function intersect with its own asymptotes??). 

So the question actually is how to graph this function?
Maybe then i can make up from that how the function intersects with its own asymptotes.

Thank you!


The Function.  

"U(t):=U*(e)^(-(t)/(10))*cos(2* t);smartplot(U(t));"

proc (t) options operator, arrow, function_assign; U*exp(-(1/10)*t)*cos(2*t) end proc






This is my first post here and I am really hoping someone can help me. I just started using Maple and I am using Maple 2021.

I generated numbers using a SEQUENCE and the sequence is called y. I am trying to extract the element (y[n]) and the index (n) of that element based on the CONDITION that y[n] has to lie in between 0 and 1 exclusive (so the element of the sequence or y[n] has to be such that 0 < y[n] < 1). How can I achieve this using select commad and also using a LOOP. Are there any other methods that can be used to achive this result. Any or all help would be really appreciated.


Thank you all.

I have piecewise functon:

k := piecewise(t < t1, kmax, t1 <= t, -kmax, 2*t1 + sqrt(2)*t1 <= t, kmax, 3*t1 + 2*sqrt(2)*t1 <= t, -kmax, 4*t1 + 2*sqrt(2)*t1 <= t, 0)

Everything is a constant except time t. 

I need to Integrate it 4 times. 

sol := int(k, [t = 0 .. t, t = 0 .. t, t = 0 .. t, t = 0 .. t])

I only get result for the first two conditions from the piecewise functon (t < t1, kmax, t1 <= t, -kmax)

I need the result for complete piecewise functon. Also converting to Heaviside doesn't work. I am a complete math moron. Ty


I have made a maple file that is meant to test Maple's solution to the nonlinear pendulum equation.  I am doubtful that Maple is finding the correct solution.  Could someone comment on my analysis?

As I upgraded to Maple 2021 I quickly noticed the missing text format bar. I've looked into the view tabs and done a bit of search, but I can't figure out how to get it back. I mostly use document mode, so I miss it dearly.

Thank you in advance.

Am calculating using the binomial function, and want to plot the output values. So, need to create a vector and plot the values.

Here is the loop,

x := RandomVariable(Binomial(45, 0.9));
for i from 0 to 45 do
    ProbabilityFunction(x, i);
end do;

Cannot seem to find a way to get the output into a list or vector, and then implement the dataplot function .

Many thanks in advance....

Dear Sir/Madam

I want to use explore commad in order to make a plot along with calculating another expression,simultaneously.

The following command does not give the desired result:

Explore([plot(a*x^2+b*x^3,x=-2..2),evalf(a^2+b^2)],parameters = [a = -1.00..1.00, b=-1.00..1.00],placement=right );

I want to have a diagram which depends on both "a" and "b" together with evaluation of the expression "a^2+b^2" somewhere near the control markers.

I appreciate if any one could help.

Thank you very much


I am interested in the inner workings of SignalProcessing:-Convolution. I know I can list it with a higher setting of verboseproc:

interface(verboseproc=3); # actually, 2 is enough here...

and get

Obviously the real work happens in IPP:-Convolution, but that seems unknown. How can I list that??


Mac Dude

Dear Maple users

I have created a simple Explore command in order to display what happens with a Planck curve when the temperature T increases - using the slider. Especially I would like to show how the maximum of the curve lies in relation to the visible spectrum from 400-700 nm, that is from 4*10^-7 to 7*10^-7. My idea was to somehow have this wavelength interval representing the visible spectrum displayed behind the Planck curve as a vertical rectangle. If it was a fixed plot, I could do it using the display command, but is it possible to add an extra plot to an Explore command?

I have uploaded the temporary Maple file and an image to show my intention (I don't expect the coloring ...)


Maybe someone can help?

Kind regards,

Erik V.


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