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Sometimes the canvas in the 2d-workspace of a subsystem (or component) is grayed out and the parameters in the parameter pane cannot be changed.

Example from the Model Gallery where the mass cannot be changed

Another example of a CAD geometry where I would like to change color and transparency:  seeshell.msim

How to unprotect the parameters?

I have observed that copy and pasting (Edit2: in a new document) and deleting the original component and copy/paste back into the original document and reconnection of the pasted  component works. Are there shorter ways to unprotect? 

And: How to do the reverse action (i.e. protecting a component)?

(I could not find a "when" and "why" for the protection in the documentation. Maybe I overlooked something)


Other reasons why to unprotect are suppressions of components and highlight of multibody ports and axes.

Adding or reformating automatically generated ports (Edit3).



I am trying to convert from MapleSim to Simulink Matlab by using the S-function code Generation connector, but I got the above message when I uploaded the selected subsystem and I have no idea how can I fix it. Please help.

I was not able to apply ICs (initial conditions) using the advanced parameter settings of the flexible beam component in the attached file. My intention is to have a beam moving at t=0s (velocity of end frame <> 0). The computed initial values for the elastic coordinates (see output console for the disabled component below encircled in red) indicate that the flexible beam has no kinetic energy at t=0s.

A workaround is to attach a rigid body to the end frame and apply the ICs to the body. (Inertia and mass of the rigid body can be set to zero.)

How to apply initial conditions to the disabled component so that it moves as the workaround?


Bonjour, petite question simple que je me pose la MapleSim permet de tout réaliser ?

Maple offers the dimension “lenght” whereas MapleSim offers two types.

What is the difference between the two types length and distance?

Can they always be used interchangeably?


does the update of MapleSim 2022.2 have a bug when loading the own libraries? 
After installing the MapleSim 2022.2 update, my libraries have disappeared. I am unable to load them again. The libraries are still in the same folder as before, but when I try to load them, I get the error message

However, the library NoiseX is not listed in the left bar. Even when I try to create a new library, it is not shown in the left bar. On the other hand, there are no problems with the imported libraries. Many thanks in advance for any advice. 

Best wishes,


Anybody find Import CAD closes MapleSim 2022.2 when just opening file chooser when attempting to import CAD file?


To make the "Simple External Code Function" example of the tutorial work, an external complier is required.

in MapleSim:-CreateDataRecord) invalid input: dsolve/numeric/ToExternal:-AddTempFile expects its 1st argument, f, to be of type string, but received [[["f1", 1864151924736]]] (3.597s)


help(Setup, Compiler) in Maple 2022 provides a link to supported compilers, which are Visual Studio 2017 and 2019.

In the list of available downloads there is no mention of "Express Edition". Which of the packages can be installed alternatively?

I have maplesim installed and I get the error "Error, `MapleSim` does not evaluate to a module" when I run A:=MapleSim:-LinkModel(); in a Maple worksheet.

Does anyone know how to solve this error?

Q1: clicking on a variable in the attached I get

What does it mean and how can I fix that when it happens?


Q2: Why are initial conditions which are set to "Ignore" listed as "Guess"?

I intend to use the initialization diagnostics to filter a model for components that have initial conditions set. In the attached example (excerpt from a larger model), this does not work the way I want it to (i.e. I don't want P1 to be listed a guess).


Q3: The app seems to be a powerfull tool. Is it explained somewhere how to use the app to debug a model?

Hi there!

I have developed a component in Modelica to import values from a Matlab struct into MapleSim and use it with other components. This data is saved in a ".mat" file and the struct was constructed as follows:

% Matlab command window
% Struct name is "bemData" saved in a v7 format to be read in by Modelica
>> bemData.m33 = 100;
>> bemData.Ainf33 = 100;
>> bemData.Khs33 = 20000;
>> bemData.ss_rad33.A = [1 1;0 1];
>> bemData.ss_rad33.B = [1;0];
>> bemData.ss_rad33.C = [1 1];
>> bemData.ss_rad33.D = 0;
>> save -v7 bemData.mat

And the Modelica code I am using to try import this into MapleSim is as follows:

Modelica.SIunits.Mass M = scalar(Modelica.Utilities.Streams.readRealMatrix("bemData.mat","bemData.m33",1,1));

Modelica.SIunits.Mass Ainf = scalar(Modelica.Utilities.Streams.readRealMatrix("bemData.mat","bemData.Ainf33",1,1));

Modelica.SIunits.TranslationalSpringConstant C = scalar(Modelica.Utilities.Streams.readRealMatrix("bemData.mat","bemData.Khs33",1,1));
Real A[2,2] = Modelica.Utilities.Streams.readRealMatrix("bemData.mat","bemData.ss_rad33.A",2,2);

Real B[1,2] = transpose(Modelica.Utilities.Streams.readRealMatrix("bemData.mat","bemData.ss_rad33.B",2,1));

Real C[1,2] = Modelica.Utilities.Streams.readRealMatrix("bemData.mat","bemData.ss_rad33.C",1,2);

Real D = scalar(Modelica.Utilities.Streams.readRealMatrix("bemData.mat","bemData.ss_rad33.D",1,1));

I then use these imported variables to solve ODEs, and the result is incorrect. I have narrowed it down to the fact that MapleSim/Modelica imports a value of 0 in place of the original data in the struct. Moreover, there is no way to attach a probe to any of the imported variables in MapleSim (I need to force all model variables to be displayed in the Simulation results tab).

I would appreciate help in pointing out where I might be making a mistake. My primary concern is why a value of 0 is being imported in place of the actual Matlab struct data. When I use Matlab's command window to check the contents of the struct, they appear to be in order.

Also, I have saved the struct file in the same folder in which my custom component is stored (the Modelica file where I have written the code to import the data). Should I be saving this file elsewhere?

Thank you!

The Examples section on the help page of a command is important for learning, but cannot cover all uses. This is especially true for general purpose commands like "solve" or "simplify". Searching all help pages that contain the word "solve" results in too many irrelevant hits that do not contain examples.

Why does adding a bracket to a command not filter for help pages with examples using the command?

Inside a help page Find/Replace finds such strings.

Inverse kinematics can be done in several ways (this webinar gives a very good overview A effective and simple method is to run a model in reverse direction. This can’t be done with causal modeling tools, where information flow is fixed by design (

Inverse kinematics, which is possible with acausal modeling tools, is only an example for running a model in the reverse (i.e., inverted) direction.

Without success, I tried to find a reference who first came up with that elegant approach.

Anyone knows more?

I have seen that this is possible (for example in the example:  2-D Flexible Spin-up Beam).

When I copy an image to the Windows10 clipboard it does paste to other applications but not to MapleSim. Instead, I get an audio notification from the system that is played on other instances when an action cannot be performed.

Within MapleSim copy and paste works (also between models). However, copying an image from a Maplesim Model to another Windows App does not work.

Can someone confirm that pasting images works in recent verions?

(Clearing the Clipboard removes images copied with MapleSim.

Observed on 2 Windows 10 installations with the version 2022 and 2021.)



i am working and modling on brushless motor for my project but when i run that i get this error and i can not fix that could you please help me. error is :

equation generation

(}),At offset 4370 in `:-2108.m`, unexpected DAG type: 0,125

every project  i run  has the same error 

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