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hello friends

please help me.

I already have an spline equation in maple13. I want use this equation as a signal block mathematical funtion. But maplesim only have standard funtion blocks in this pallet :

Signal Block\Mathematical\Functions





when Maplesim derives the equations from an electrical circuit,  it renames components in a way that makes the equations bloated/unreadable. Simple example: a resistor R1 becomes `R1.R`, which is awkward for further use. Is there a global switch to change this ?

When a user drags and drops a component from the pallette, a copy of the component is copied into the subsystem library located in the lower right of the screen.  This is handy if used again so that the user does not have to drill down into the pallettes repeatedly.  But, after a while the copies accumulate in the subsystems library, and it would be nice to selectively delete them if the user knows they will not be used again.  I have not found any way to delete the built in components copyied into the subsystem library.  I suppose it is childishly simple, but the operat

Modelica is an open language for (lumped parameter) modeling and simulation and is generating a growing following, especially in Europe. Modelica is also at the heart of simulation tools like MapleSim. We are generally not making a big deal of that fact and as a result we have a regular stream of actual and potential customers asking us why we are not more vocal about our use of Modelica. Do we not believe in open...

Hi. I am the Marketing Communications Manager at Maplesoft. This is the first piece of writing where you get to know who I am, but many of you have probably already read a lot of what I’ve written. I am responsible for the promotion of Maplesoft products. It’s my job to take what the really smart Maplesoft employees create and turn it into something engaging (and typically say all I need to say in 3 paragraphs or less, or in the case of subject lines, 49 characters or less). Within every piece of highly technical math-filled piece of writing is a gem of a story waiting to be brought out. I try (sometimes successfully, I hope) to bring out these stories. Every time you’ve read our newsletter “The Maple Reporter,” an email, or a letter from Maplesoft, you’ve read my work. My goal is for people to read what I write and say “I want that!” or “how do I do that?”

There is a new template for MapleSim that allows you to import your Simulink models into Maple.  Once imported, you can quickly create a custom component that can be used in MapleSim.

Click here for more information:

Requires BlockImporter and MATLAB/Simulink, version 2007b or later, to execute.

 1- how can I convert IP packets into bits on Maple Sim ?


2- How can I simulate SIgtran LAyers (MTP 1 ,  MTP 2 , MTP 3) on Maple Sim ??

Hi, this is the first time I use this forum. Please let me know if my questions already have been gone throw. Today I have two simple questions: 1.       How to conduct polynomial division in a fast, easy and clickable way?


I know this is probably a simple question, but how do I go about creating subsystems?  I highlight the components I want and right-click, but I don't get the option to create a subsystem.  Any help would be appreciated.

I am having problems while installing Maplesim . When i try to Install maplesim on my computer it prepares to install but after it completes then a window appear showing a message that "Please select another location to extract this Installer" .


What can I do ?? I have enough space on my Hard disk !!!


Plzz Suggest something for me !.

MapleSim 1.01, an all-platform maintenance update to MapleSim 1.0, is available to all users.

The MapleSim 1.01 update provides support for the MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox, as well as updates and improvements in usability, stability and performance. Even if you are not planning on using the Connectivity Toolbox, you should still install this update.

The MapleSim Connectivity Toolbox is now available. With this toolbox, you can export MapleSim models to Simulink, including rotational, translational, and multibody mechanical systems, thermal models, and electric circuits. It creates Simulink S-Function blocks for fast execution within Simulink and real-time implementation through Real-Time Workshop.

For more information, see

This forum is the place for you to post all of your MapleSim questions.

Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time in Taiwan.  In my first visit to Taipei, I was astounded by the sheer scale of the Taipei 101 skyscraper.  At over 500m tall it dwarfed everything else in the skyline.

Given the proximity of many active fault lines, tall buildings in Taipei have a degree of earthquake protection engineered into them with a tuned mass damper .

I was in Boston last week attending the ASME International Mechanical Engineering conference demonstrating MapleSim, our new tool for physical modeling.  I had the opportunity to speak to a large number of delegates, but I remember one conversation in particular; a professor who taught freshman students was bemoaning the fact that he found it harder and harder to impress students with his relatively simple animations of physics phenomena.  A simple animated pendulum no longer captivated students who were already immersed in the interactive physics-enabled environments of video games.  He had to escalate the intricacy of his demonstrations, but generating them was starting to consume too much of his time.

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