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Hello, I'm a student in high-school, and i was wondering if it is possible to have multiple people writing in the same document at the same time. It would make groupwork a lot easier if I could do the writing like e.g.: google docs.

Hello there, 

I would think that those two expressions are same as long as L::positive, omega::positive, R::positive, but when I tried in Maple, I could not get that result. The following worksheet shows my attempts. Would you please tell me how to get the answer, true, instead of false from the expression comparison?



arctan_expression := arctan(omega*L/R);



arctan_expression2 := arctan(R, L*omega);

arctan(R, L*omega)


evalb(arctan_expression = arctan_expression2) assuming L::positive, omega::positive, R::positive;



is(arctan_expression = arctan_expression2);




Best Regards, 

In Kwon Park 



PLs, correct my code about how to find the derivative by using the loop concept in maple?


I'm using Maple on a linux partition and for some time now I can't really use it anymore. For example, when I open a help window, I can't scroll through the content, and scrolling gets stuck if an image needs to be displayed. I think my partition is too full and does not have enough free space left. Doesn't Maple create a temporary file that is too big for the space available?  But I have another partition that is not in the same format as the linux partition but is nevertheless readable and writable. Is it possible, if the problem is a temporary file, that this file is written to this other partition to avoid this storage problem?
Or could it be due to a memory problem (RAM?) that did not occur before?

Say that we have three matrices X, Z, and A of equal size such that Size(X) = Size(Y) = Size(A) = [10 14].

Here, X[i, j] = X[i + 1, j] and Y[i, j] = Y[i, j + 1], i.e. X and Y are the grid in Matlab notation.

i found that countourplot can provide the contour plot for a bivariate function f(x,y). i was wondering whether this can also be done in Maple for matrices. Any help is highly appreciated – thank you,





I want to solve this system of PDEs. Please let me know how I can solve it.

Kindly find both my code written in Maple and the image of the problem.


I needed to normalize the eigenvectors of a matrix. (I did not see an option to do this so far in LinearAlgebra). So I figured I just need to map LinearAlgebra:-VectorNorm(x,'Euclidean')  of each vector of the generated eigenvectors matrix,. Where here means the vector in the matrix. But do not see a way to do it. 

I ended up just using seq, which works fine. But was wondering if there is a way to do it? map function on each column (or each row) and have the result be matrix ofcourse. 

Will show my attempt using map, and then using seq


Just doing the following does not work ofcourse

map( x->x/LinearAlgebra:-VectorNorm(x,'Euclidean'), v) 

So I used seq

normalized:=[seq( v(..,i)/LinearAlgebra:-VectorNorm(v(..,i),'Euclidean'),i=1..LinearAlgebra:-RowDimension(v) )];

Will be nice if one can use map or variation of it, which works on either columns or rows at a time.

Maple 2021.2

I am doing some solution for pde :

alias(u = u(x, y, t), w = w(x, y, t), f = f(w));
pde := diff(u, x, x, x, y) + 3*diff(u, y)*diff(u, x, x) + 3*diff(u, x)*diff(u, x, y) + 2*diff(u, y, t) = 0;
pde2 := subs(u = D(f)(w)*diff(w, x) + u0(x, y, t), pde);

pde3 := expand(pde2);

after this step i want to substitute 
D(f)(w)*D^(3)(f)(w)= (-c/3)*D^(4)(f)(w)

so i apllied command as this :

pde33 := subs({D(f)(w)*(D^(3)(f)(w) = -c/3*(D^(4)(f)(w)}, pde3);

but i not able to replace it !

please help in it ! Thanks!



I want to import the data included here to my Maple code:

There are 3 columns of data: time, NR strain, Reconstructed strain. I am not interested in the middle column; I want to plot the reconstructed strain as a function of time. I could use some help.


Two days ago I have answered a question about using numapprox:-infnorm for functions of several variables. The question is now deleted. Is it possible to find whether it was deleted by the author (even if she/he has used the "best answer" tag)?

Dear all

I compute by hand the bifurcation point of an ode, 
I fouded x=-1/2 a+ 1/2 corresponding to  h= (a+1)^2/4  with 0<a<1 

The same solution is obtained using Maple code. 
I tried to plot the birfurcation diagram to stech with kind of bifrucation ( saddle, Holf . transcritical , periodic, or someting else)
But I get 
Error, (in plots/implicitplot) invalid input: invalid range for first variable

thank you for any help 


While solving a math problem, one has to deal with a system of 25 linear equations with a parameter s (Laplace transform variable). i tried formulating the system in a matrix form using GenerateMatrix and inverting the system using solve with LU or QR method but without success. i attach a minimal working environment for the system of equations at hand. Any help or advice is highly appreciated – thank you!






a,b,c=const.  Initial:u=1/2*sin(2*theta),v=cos(theta)


Text book says: Solve by complex variable method

Dear all

I have a PDEs depend on u1(r,z) 
I would like to decompose u1 as sum of two function c1*r*U(z)+u(r,z) and  , where c1 is constant,  then i would like to substitute u1 in the pde by   c1*r*U(z)+u(r,z) then obtain the corresponding new equation

thank you 

Is there a way to make a library file that automatically has the functions/procedures loaded on startup and after it any new or open ".mw" can use functions/procedures from library with no redefinition?

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