Question: How to add some details to PLOT?

Hello friends,


I am using MAPLE 14. I have the following problems. I would like to plot the sequence of points "ww", and the constant funcion  (ordenate) 1/3.  The plot of my commands is ok in terms of the "spirit" of the output, but I would like

1. That in the abscisa appears values larger than 10..say  50.

2. The (horizontal)  line of the constant funcion 1/3 = function of (n)  is thinner (in the current output, this line is too thick).

How can I do?

ww:= [seq( [n, sum(1/(n+1), k=ceil(1/3*n)..floor(2/3*n))], n=1..60)]:
plot({ww,1/3}, style=point);

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