Question: solving for allsolutions and converting to just a list of values?


I'm using solve and I want all the solutions within a certain value, but then within my procedure i'm looking to get a list of just the solutions by using the AllSolutions=true command I get:

a:=evalf(solve([sin(x) = 0.5, 0 < x, x < 10], x, AllSolutions=true,Explicit=true));
 {x = 0.5235987758}, {x = 6.806784084}, {x = 2.617993879}, {x = 8.901179187}

I then need to put them into a list [0.5235987758, 6.806784084,...]

so i either need to solve straight into a list (which allsolutions\the variable restrictions won't let me do) or get rid of the "x=" in the output by a further code which I can't work out how to do.

Any help greatly appreciated


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