Question: Order of eigenvalues in LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvectors


I am computing eigenvalues of a 3X3 square Matrix that contains symbolic elements and many zeros. There are 2 zero eigenvalues and 1 non-zero. I'd like to request Maple to order the eigenvalues in a certain way, with the non-zero eigenvalue first. Oddly, the command LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvectors(A); orders them in a seemingly random way, with the non-zero eigenvalue either first or last, never in the middle. The LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvalues(A); commands seems to order them consistently, with the non-zero eigenvalue last. Is there any way to control the order of the eigenvalues? Many thanks.

A := Matrix(3,3):
A[1,1] := a11:
A[1,2] := -a11:
A[1,3] := a13:
e,V := LinearAlgebra:-Eigenvectors(A);



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