Question: Exporting to excel and naming spreadsheets

Hey all,

My question is better explained with an example

the algorithm I have here creates a matrix M[j] for each run of j.

I want to be able to export each of these matrices to a different spreadsheet and if possible, set up a naming critiria for each spreadsheet(so that I dont have to enter a name in the dialog box after each run)

Any suggestion will be really appreciated. Thanks



here's the example:

> for j from 1 to 10 do;
> G[j] := [];
> for i from 1 to  4 do;
> c := j*i;
> b := 2*c;
> G[j] := [op(G[j]), [j, i, c, b]];
> end do;
> G[j]; with(LinearAlgebra); M[j] := convert(G[j], Matrix);
> with(ExcelTools); Export(M[j], " C:\ j.xls");
> end do;

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