Question: solving pde with a piecewise condition numerically

Hello all,

I am trying to solve a pde system with piecewise conditions numerically but unsucessful. Here's what i am doing:

> restart;

> sys:=[diff(c(x,t),t)=v(x,t)*diff(c(x,t),x$2),diff(v(x,t),t)=piecewise(c(x,t)>v(x,t),c(x,t)*diff(v(x,t),x$2),0)];

> bc:={c(0,t)=2,c(1,t)=1,c(x,0)=0,v(0,t)=1,v(1,t)=2,v(x,0)=0};

> sol:=pdsolve(sys,bc,type=numeric,time=t);

I am getting the following error.......

Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/process_PDEs) piecewise can depend only on the independent variables


Is there any way to solve this proble....i need to have this type o piecewise conditions in pdes....



Thank you,







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