Question: Accessing the result of a call to the function singular - how to‏ ?

I find the singularities of an expression by using the function singular and the result of this is what I call t1a below.



t1a := {u = -((-4*Pi^2-beta^2+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2-8*I*Pi^2*beta*Q)/(4*Pi^2+beta^2-4*beta^2*Q*Pi+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2))^(1/2)}, {u = ((-4*Pi^2-beta^2+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2+8*I*Pi^2*beta*Q)/(4*Pi^2+beta^2-4*beta^2*Q*Pi+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2))^(1/2)}, {u = -((-4*Pi^2-beta^2+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2+8*I*Pi^2*beta*Q)/(4*Pi^2+beta^2-4*beta^2*Q*Pi+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2))^(1/2)}, {u = ((-4*Pi^2-beta^2+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2-8*I*Pi^2*beta*Q)/(4*Pi^2+beta^2-4*beta^2*Q*Pi+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2))^(1/2)};


I now want to put the right hand side i.e. only each expression appearing under the square root sign into a list so that I end up with what I have written manually below.


t1b:= [-((-4*Pi^2-beta^2+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2-8*I*Pi^2*beta*Q)/(4*Pi^2+beta^2-4*beta^2*Q*Pi+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2))^(1/2),((-4*Pi^2-beta^2+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2+8*I*Pi^2*beta*Q)/(4*Pi^2+beta^2-4*beta^2*Q*Pi+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2))^(1/2),-((-4*Pi^2-beta^2+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2+8*I*Pi^2*beta*Q)/(4*Pi^2+beta^2-4*beta^2*Q*Pi+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2))^(1/2),((-4*Pi^2-beta^2+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2-8*I*Pi^2*beta*Q)/(4*Pi^2+beta^2-4*beta^2*Q*Pi+4*beta^2*Q^2*Pi^2))^(1/2)];



How do I get t1b from t1a in a programmatic way? That is to say how do I create t1b without manual intervention? Also bearing in mind that the number of elements in t1a will vary.


Although I have made several attempts I can't do what I thought would be straightforward to do. Please help.


I notice that I can do as below to get one at a time but since the elements of t1a will vary in number it couldn't work as my final solution. I'd welcome any help or advice, comments please.




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