Question: Statistics: How to create parametric distribution

I'm trying to create Skewed Normal distribution with the following PDF




I'm using the following command for that (referenced from

SkewedNormal := Distribution(PDF = unapply(2*phi(x, mu, sigma)*Phi(alpha*x, mu, sigma), x, mu, sigma, alpha))

This command executes without errors, the same as the following command:

R := RandomVariable(SkewNormal)

but the problems start when I try to do the following:


Error, (in Statistics:-CDF) invalid input: q uses a 3rd argument, sigma, which is missing

Ok, I add the third parameter: 


Error, (in Statistics:-CDF) unexpected parameters: y

If you try previously to init random variable the following way:

R := RandomVariable(SkewNormal(mu, sigma))

Error, (in Statistics:-Distribution) invalid input: IsKnownDistribution expects its 1st argument, dn, to be of type

name, but received module () export Conditions, PDF, Type; option Distribution, Continuous; end module

How do you create parametric distribution in Maple 14?

Thank you











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