Question: 3D PDE (numeric) solver.

I have been investigating Predator-Prey spatial models, e.g.

diff(N(x, t), t) = r*N(x, t)*(1-N(x, t)/K(x, t))-a*N(x, t)*P(x, t)+d[1]*(diff(N(x, t), x, x))

diff(P(x, t), t) = P(x, t)*(b*N(x, t)-c)+d[2]*(diff(P(x, t), x, x))


and it can be solved "easily" with pdsolve/numeric. I would like to add another (space) dimension to previous equations which would result in unknown functions N(x,y,t), P(x,y,t) of three variables. Maple can not solve such equations and I wonder why. Is Maplesoft considering extension of pdsolve capabilities in future releases of Maple (or is it too complex)? I think I am not the only one who would use such functionality.

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