Question: How do I make use of this PDF of a R.V.?

restart; with(Statistics)


A := RandomVariable(Geometric(p))+1; F := Mean(A);M := abs(A-F)/A;

#and ask Maple to find a pdf of the r.v. M:

f := `assuming`([PDF(M, x)], [x > 0])

#Maple 15 gives an answer, but what does it mean by the output for this input

subs(p = 1/3, x = 3, f)

#or how do I plot this pdf of M? Does Maple give a correct answer?

# Why does the error message appear when I do subs(p = 1/3, x < 3, f) but not when I do subs(p = 1/3, x = 3, f)?

Thnaks a lot.


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