Question: working with tables

Hi everybody:

I have a couple questions regarding tables in Maple 15.

a) For the most part, when you want to resize a table you grab the rightmost boundary and slide the cursor to the left or to the right as you wish. I have come across many situations in which the movement to the left is resticted. In other words, you can not make the table smaller than a certain size. I wonder if anyone knows what controls the minimum size. I don't seem to recognize the cause and effect relationship.

b) If you want to add multiple rows to an existing table you select them and then you copy and paste them to your table. The advantage over "insert Row" is that that way you copy both contents and formatting. Two problems I encountered while doing this. For one, I don't seem to be able to select and copy just one row. Why don't I use "insert row"? Because as I mentioned before I would have to do the formatting again. Second, the copied rows are not positioned properly. Specifically, if you copy two rows, let's call them "header" (H) followed by "code" (C) by positioning the cursor at the bottom of (C) what you end up with is a four rows table (H)(H)(C)(C) as opposed to the desired (H)(C)(H)(C).

Anyone cares to comment?

Thanks a lot


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