Question: plot size on export with Maple 15

I'm having the problem reported here back in 2008 and more recently in 2010:



I'm not sure when the axiswidth, axisheight options of plotsetup got broken for me. I'm not certain, but it looks like I was able to control the width and height of my plots not so long ago (version 14 or 13) or am I mistaken and this bug, reported back in 2008 was never fixed? (could I have lived so long under the illusion that I was controlling my plot sizes but weren't... the mind boggles)

Erik Postma, if you're listening, you know the bug I mean. Is there a workaround not involving classic and command line?

I have Maple 15 / Windows 7-64. No other version unfortunately.

I cannot use Classic, unfortunately, as that is broken too -- my worksheet crashes, even though it's a pretty simple one. And it's a shame because doesn't everybody prefer classic?

I could use command line, but isn't that ugly? (refer to the discussion cited above)

I have a plot with a vertical legend. The legend squeezes the axis to a very narrow width. The default sizes are definitely not optimal. So I'd like to make it wider. Topped up with the landscape option, which works. And no I don't want the legend above it or under it. Am I unreasonable?

But the plot comes out in the same size, no matter what I do. I can resize by hand to widen it inline or I can use acer's package (http://www.mapleprimes.com/posts/125899-Presized-Plots) to display the plots of a chosen size, but

what I need now is the ability to export in a custom size, and preferably to ps.


This is the typical approach I have used up to now:

MakeWidePlot := proc(p::evaln)
     local name, place, opts:
         name := cat(convert(p,string),".ps"):
         opts := "color,landscape,noborder,transparent,'axiswidth'=`1024pt`,'axisheight'=`720pt`":
     plotsetup('ps', 'plotoutput'=cat(name), 'plotoptions'=opts):
     print( plots:-display( eval(p), 'axesfont' = [ TIMES, 10 ], 'labelfont' = [ TIMES, ROMAN, 10] ) ):
   end proc:

The plot below should appear quite narrow:

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