Question: MapleSim 5 Plot global variables

Hi simulators

Is there an easy way to give a global time frame/limits for all plots: typically I need to simulate a few seconds to get rid of all my transients, and then I would like to zoom in on the effect of interest. Now I have only found out how to reset one by one each graph via the axis properties, I have a dozen graphs per simulation 4 variables to scan over ten points each, that makes a damn lot of graphs properties click to reset, results: I need 60 sec to calculate my 40 cases, but about 4 hours to click over the graphs, not really efficient (plus a tennis elbow case after half a day beacause of the 12*40*8 or more "clicks" and 800 m of precise mouse travel).

or perhaps a way to store the results and reuse them as initial conditions for a second run, or even better both ;)

Does somebody have a better way to propose ?

Thanks in advance


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