Question: Problem in DEplot

Hi everyone,


I have a problem with DEplot.

Here is the code:

restart;with(DEtools), with(plots), with(linalg):





F := DEplot(sys1, [x(t), y(t)], t = -20 .. 10, x = -2 .. 2, y = -2 .. 2, [[x(0) =0, y(0) = 0]],linecolor = blue, thickness = 2, stepsize = .1, arrows = medium, color = red);


And I get this error:

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) input system must be an ODE system, got independent variables {t, 1/(exp(1/2*I*t/Pi+2/3*Pi)-x(t)-I*y(t))+2/(exp(1/2*I*t/Pi+4/3*Pi)-x(t)-I*y(t)), 1/(exp(1/2*I*t/Pi+2/3*Pi)-x(t)-I*y(t))+1/(exp(1/2*I*t/Pi+4/3*Pi)-x(t)-I*y(t))+1/(exp(1/2*I*t/Pi+2*Pi)-x(t)-I*y(t))}


In the beginning I have couple of intermediate functions but I removed them all to avoid adding implicitely independant variables. 


Is someone able to see the problem?


Thank you for your time.

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