Question: Problems in creating program



we have to create program which shows chemical concentration changes, but this concentration depends on time and distance along the longitudinal axis. So we have to put numbers into the left side 41x41 matrix from 3 equations:

A:=1, B:=1,E:=0.2, Δx:=0.25,Δt:=0.025.

first when i=0;

secondly when i is between 1 and 39:
and finally when i=n, n=41; ;

unknown meanings vector looks like ;

and the right side vector shuold be computable from first equation in every single level l=0...n. There is initial condicion =0 for all i=0,1..,n;l=0.

Finally, we have to get graphics of this concentration changes acording to time an distance.

Maybe You could help us and do this program or send some examples if you understand what we were explaning.

We add shortcut  to that information from book which we have to use :  
Title of topic is Project B5 MASS BALANCE OF REACTOR WITH TIME DEPENDENCY, pages 137-146

Looking forward to hearing from You,
Aiste ir Evelina

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