Question: Animated phase portrait with only the point moving

Hi everyone,


I want to draw a phase portrait of a particle to see it moving but I don't want to see its trajectory. I don't know how to explain, here is what I did:

restart;with(DEtools), with(plots), with(linalg):






DEplot(sys1, [x(t), y(t)], t = 0 .. 500, [[x(0) =0, y(0) = 1]],linecolor = blue, thickness = 1, stepsize = 0.5, arrows = medium, color = red,animatecurves=true);

If you plot the last command, you will see the point moving but also its trajectory since t=0. I don't want to keep the histoiry of the movement but only where is the point at the instant t.


If it is not clear, please ask me I will try to be more explicit.


Thank you.

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