Question: A question about copy+paste with different format

Dear everyone,



  I have a question related to copy and paste in Maple 16.

 Consider an input like



f1:=map(t -> `if`(match(t = c*y^d, y, 's'), subs(s,c), NULL),
      convert(eq1, list));

f2:=map(t -> `if`(match(t = c*y^d, y, 's'), subs(s,d), NULL),
      convert(eq1, list));

f3:=map(t -> `if`(match(t = c*x^g*y^d, {x,y}, 's'), subs(s,c), NULL),
      convert(eq1, list));



When I run the code, the output becomes "blue". After I selected the blue characters and tried to copy+paste them, they are still "blue", and not editable. Excuse me, is there any convenient solution to print editable (perhaps red) output? I can copy the "blue" output into some editor, e.g. editplus, and then copy back to maple, but it may cause some extra problem (">" symbol and break lines etc etc).

Thank you very much in advance

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