Question: Can't run Maple 13, 64 bit version, under Fedora 17 because of (stupid) license manager

I have Maple 13 which I was running successfully on a machine running Fedora 14 Linux.   I have the 64 bit version of Maple, but built into is it the license manager, which is a 32 bit program provided to Maplesoft by a third party vendor.


When I run xmaple, it starts up but brings up an activation page.  Activation won't work because the liccense manager doesn't work, and it can't recognize my order number.


I have been working with Tech Support to try to solve the problem by installing all sorts of 32 bit packages, but so far I have not been successful.


I had a similar problem with Maple 11 which is why I eventually purchased Maple 13.   I may in the end have to purchase Maple 16 to get something that works, but I am hoping someone will come up with a solution.  (I get a large discount because I am a Professor Emeritus, which makes it feasible for me to pay for Maple every three years or so.)


Does anyone out there have any suggestions for what I should try to get Maple 13 running under Fedora 17?


Also, can anyone explain how it makes sense to use a 32 bit lciense manager to gum up the works for a 64 bit program in this way?

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