Question: getting traditional colors from VolumeOfRevolution

The new VolumeOfRevolution command in the Student[Calculus1] package has lots of nice features for controlling the output (Riemann sum, 3D plot, animation, inert integral, numerical approximation, ...).

The default colors for the plot are not very appealing. Not only is the pink easily washed out by a projector in a moderately light room, but the detail is missing. To illustrate, consider

VolumeOfRevolution(2-x^2, x, x=0..1, output=plot );

This is a volcano with a cone removed. You can see the cone if the solid is viewed from below (orientation=[90,0,-90]) but it's completely invisible from above (orientation=[90,0,90]).

I know how to set the color of the solid using, e.g., volumeoptions=[color=green]

These plots looked much better (from an instructional point of view) in, say Maple 13. They clearly differentiated between the inner and outer surface of this solid of revolution (red and green as I recall). I have not yet found a way to mimic this in Maple 16. Can anyone help with this?

Thanks in advance.


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