Question: Javascript tags in question

We're are using Maple TA 8 at our university. I'm new to Maple TA and I would like to create an assigment with multiple choice questions about JavaScript and HTML. But I found the following problems when creating these MC questions:

1) Using < and > characters aren't allowed in the "Choices for the answers" fields. So I manually have to XML encode text containing these characters. Is there an easier way to do this? I would expect answers to be stored as plain text. Shouldn't this be encoded automatically by Maple TA when rendering the questions?

2) I have a similar problem with the "Text of the question" field. Using the text "<b>fsdafsd</b>" result in the text being evaluated/rendered as HTML instead of as "text", even I first XML encode it and edit it in the source.

So is there a way to put plain text (containing HTML) in these fields without the fields being rendered as HTML instead?

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