Question: closing statements with fi and od

In some cases if not always, "fi" can be used to close an "if" clause, instead of "end if" and "od" can be used to close a "do" clause, instead of "end do".

These short forms are intuitive and can save a lot of space; for instance say you have 5 "do" clauses to be closed, it is a lot shorter to type "od:od:od:od:od:" than  "end do:end do:end do:end do:end do:"

Yet for some reason it does not seem to be a recommended short form. The Advaced Programming Guide (dated 2008) does not mention it, as far as I could tell by searching for the "fi" and "od" keywords. 

There is also here and there mention that it is not "recommended" or maybe even "deprecated". 

I wonder why, I think it's quite beautiful.




 (that was "end" backwards, a somewhat paradoxical statement)


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