Question: how to convert an expression containing Dirac(t) to piecewise function

I have the following expression  f(t)=0.342 Dirac(t)+6.352 exp(-4t)+.0981 exp(-3.056t)  I want to convert it to a piecewise function of the form given below

 f(t)=0.342  if t=0

 f(t)=6.352 exp(-4t)+.0981 exp(-3.056t)      if t>0


when I applied                     convert(f(t),piecewise,t)

I got                              

f(t)=Float(undefined)  if t=0

f(t)=6.352 exp(-4t)+.0981 exp(-3.056t)      otherwise


How I can get the desired form?


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